Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cars Land Summer 2012 Opening Date Confirmed

Disney spokesman John McClintock has confirmed that Cars Land, will open at Disney's California Adventure in Summer 2012. We all knew that it was going to open next year but not exactly when. Now we know, and it will be in "Summer 2012", the exact date will of course depends of all the ride tests that WDI will do on each Cars Land attractions.

The Orange County Register did the picture above which will tell you precisely what will be what in the awaited 12-acres DCA addition and you can read more on their site HERE.

Talking about "Cars", Pixar announced that italian legendary actress Sophia Loren will voiced Mama Topolino - on the right on the picture below - when the character will speak in italian - Vanessa Redgrave will do the voice in the english version.

And, last but not least, Pixar also released this new Cars 2 clip called "Tokyo Party"!

Cars Land Picture: copyright Orange County Register

Cars Picture and Video: copyright Disney - Pixar


Matt W said...

Love your articles. The OC Reg. got one thing wrong that I saw. Ramone's House of Body Art is labeled incorrectly. It should point to the building just above at the entrance/exit to Radiator Springs Racers. From my understanding this is the gift shop at the exit.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Can't wait for this land!

The Radiator Springs Racer is going to be an epic attraction, and I also really want to experience the Flying Saucers. I always watched old videos of it thinking about how great it should have been, now I'll have a chance to ride it!

Finally DCA is going to become a park worthy of the Disney name!

Rob Herndon Jr said...

Sitting here watching the first film with the kids...what are the chances that they will have lots of real neon down the main street? Can you imagine how cool it will be to see it all lit up like Lightning does for Sally?

Alain Littaye said...

Rob, I think there are big chances that at night Radiator Springs main street will be lighted with neon. I'll be surprised if it was not the case.