Thursday, June 9, 2011

Discover "Disney by Mark" the new web site of former WDI Imagineer Mark Hickson

If you're a faithful Disney and more reader you probably already know WDI former Imagineer Mark Hickson thanks to the great interview i did of him about the incredible S.S Disney project. The S.S Disney concept was to transform a huge super-tanker in a floating theme park wich would have bring the Disneyland experience to countries around the world. Well, now, Mark Hickson launched his own web site called "Disney by Mark" and it's not that often that a former Imagineer share rare pictures and memories, so i think you will like it.

Mark Hickson started his WDI career working on the Splash Mountain/Critter Country project at Disneyland and then chosen to become part of the Tokyo Disneyland Project Office. Over a period of four years they conceived, produced, and with Disney Japanese partners, installed 13 attractions including TDL Splash Mountain, Adventureland Treehouse, and Mickey’s Toontown. He was also involved in contributing to some very special projects including the “Aida” and “Beauty and the Beast” Broadway Productions, Disneyland’s 35th Birthday celebration, and the development of Tokyo Disneyland 5, 10 & 20 year Master Plan. He concluded his Disney career working on the EPCOT development team and leading the S.S. Disney Floating Theme Park effort.

On Mark's site which began recently, you'll see never seen before "backstage" pictures of Disneyland rides like this one shot when the Mark V orange monorail was delivered to Disneyland in the summer of 1987...

...or a rare shot of what the DL Submarine Voyage ride operator sees when the 306 Argonaut was coming back to the dock...

...not to mention historical pictures like this one, of beautiful Tiki Room Hostess in 1968.

So, jump to "Disney by Mark" to discover more rare pictures - it's HERE - and come back regularly on Mark's site as i'm sure that Mark Hickson has many more picture and memories to share with us!

Pictures: copyright Mark Hickson


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I love vintage Disney!

Thanks for sharing it with us!

Anonymous said...

Nice and thanks!