Monday, July 11, 2011

New Imagineering video reveals more about WDW Little Mermaid attraction

Since the opening of Star Tours 2 and the Little Mermaid at DCA, and more recently Goofy Sky's School, there was not a lot of news coming from the Imagineering. And suddenly WDI released today this new video showing the making of the WDW version of the Little Mermaid attraction, presented by Imagineer Chris Beatty. Great shots of Imagineers at work, of the WDW Little Mermaid model, and also new renderings which reveal new details on what will be this new version of the ride. As usual the video editing is quite fast so we're going to "stop the time" to have a better look at these interesting pics thanks to home made screen captures. Click on each to see them in bigger size.

As i keep repeating to anyone talking about the Little Mermaid attraction, the WDW Magic Kingdom version will be the best one. Not only because the budget will be higher than the DCA version, but also because WDI Imagineers will have much more room available than they had at DCA to build the "perfect" attraction with Eric's Castle, a long themed queue decor, and much more.

You've seen above a new version of the rendering showing the entrance and below is another brand new one showing the whole Little Mermaid area.

Also new, the rendering below shows what is probably an early concept-art.

One of the most interesting rendering released in this video is the one below. It shows a scene of the queue decor, probably interactive, something that will be unique to the WDW version as they didn't had the room to build one like this at DCA. In fact, WDW fans can expect a long and great queue decor, going from the cave that you see below to right under the castle, and even under the castle kitchen with another scene called "captive lobsters". In that scene - and if WDI plans didn't changed - guests will see the bobtail dog from the movie standing near "captive lobsters" waiting to be cooked by the castle's cook. The dog and the lobsters will probably be audio-animatronics and guests will also see the shadow of the cook, up the stairs leading to the castle kitchen supposedly above the guests.

And if you wonder where will be the entrance of this highly themed queue, this next one will tell you exactly where it will be.

Another highly interesting new rendering is this next one showing the ride boarding room. Even if the galleon is still at the beginning of the ride, it's obviously a totally different boarding room than at DCA, inside a cave with also what probably will be a retro projection effect of the sea and seagulls - but what we see can also be the outside. All these new details looks pretty exciting, aren't they?

Another new rendering, but this time showing the ride opening scene that we already know is the one below.

Let' move to the model shots as there is some great one in the video, too, as you will see on the five next pictures.

The video also include some shots of ride scenes model like this one for the "kiss the girl" scene... well as others showing WDI Imagineers working on the Little Mermaid model.

As i've said, WDW fans can be "happy happy" as this time they will get the best version of a ride, and we'll probably know more about it at the next D23 convention. If you didn't watched yet this great Imagineering video on the Disney Parks web site, i'm sure you're dying to see it, so here it is below!

Pictures and video: copyright Disney

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Brian-Mouse Expedition said...

It looks like a beautifully themed building, but the same ride at Dca

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That looks awesome! A new Disney classic fantasyland dark ride.

Great video, thanks for posting it Alain.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

And I agree with you Brian, but beautiful theming is what makes the Disney difference...

Dutchduck said...

When will it open?

Alain Littaye said...

Next year.