Saturday, July 9, 2011

Walt Disney Studios Terrorific Nights are back next Halloween

Walt Disney Studios Terrorific Nights are back next Halloween and ticket sales for this very special event will begin in just a few days. This is the third edition of the WDS terrorific Nights but the event is becoming so popular that this year there will be two evenings instead of one, October 29 and 30th!

What are these Terrorific Nights? Although the atmosphere is not as "gore" as it can be in other parks around the world, the event is definitely more scary than the Halloween nights at Disneyland Paris park. Some of the attractions like the Rock and Roller Coaster or Armaggedon are slightly transformed and others have special "terrorific guests" like the WDS Tram Tour, not to mention the addition of special lightings and smoke effects all around the park.

As i unfortunately never attend one of the previous editions i can't say a lot about it but reports were very good and obviously DLP is each year improving the event. Below, you'll find a video of last year's edition filmed by Photos Magiques during the Tram Tour with zombies "attacking" the tram. So, if you're one of these DLP fans who would not like to miss these specials "Terrorific" evenings make sure to order tickets as soon as they will be available, probably on the official Disneyland Paris site.

Picture: copyright Disney

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Anonymous said...

l'affiche est officielle ????

Anonymous said...

l'affiche est officielle ????

Alain Littaye said...

Oui, c'est l'affiche officielle.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The idea is very good, but judging by the video, it could be better done.

It's neither scary, nor funny, it's just dull. The Zombies don't even look nice.

Disney should learn from other parks how to make a scary Halloween, or just keep doing the Disney one.