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Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween will start Sept 22 !

Get ready to “lose your head” at Hong Kong Disneyland’s Haunted Halloween as the intriguing Headless Horseman reported to be haunting the town anywhere, anytime! Now officially announced
Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween will start Sept 22 and here is the menu of this 2011 edition which will introduce the famous Headless horseman character.

(Hong Kong, August 25, 2011) Frightful fun is in full force this year at Disney’s Haunted Halloween as the Headless Horseman is on a rampage and is loose in the park, searching for the fiend who took his head. Every Thursday through Sunday night after 6:00 pm during September 22 to October 31, as well as October 4 and 31, Guests can have their choices of how they will “lose their heads” with a HK$228 night ticket at Hong Kong Disneyland.

The Dark Side of Disney has never before extended so far and wide, permeating every pathway of Hong Kong Disneyland. Morbid curiosity brings Guests to a traveling show, “Revenge of the Headless Horseman,” to visit its main exhibit – the head of the Headless Horseman. Don’t miss the prequel to the parade when the Headless Horseman rides down the street on his imposing horse, in search of both his head and revenge for the crime committed against him.

From the immortal lost souls of the townsfolk of America in 1900’s, still lifelessly roaming the pavements of “Main Street U.S.A – Ghost Town,” to the beings haunting the “Cursed Jungle” of Adventureland, haunted spirits cannot be avoided. “Tomorrowland – Party Zone” offers some great high energy games and entertainment which you and your friends are sure to enjoy.

If Guests are looking for Halloween fun the whole family can enjoy to entice giggles instead of screams, then Fantasyland is the destination for you with some great Trick or Treat fun.

“With our young adult Guests in mind, we have come up with new surprises for them to make Disney’s Haunted Halloween a must see again this year,” said Frederick Chan, Director of Marketing, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (with blue trousers, picture above). “For the first time, we will launch an attractive group-buy promotion through “Yahoo! Deals” for early Halloween celebrators to be among the first to experience Halloween. Guests can also enjoy unlimited access to our Halloween festivities every Thursday from September 22 to October 27 by buying a HK$229 Thursday Night Pass at Circle K Convenience Stores. Just HK$1 extra on top of our night ticket entitles you to every Thursday!”

“Young adults are also very digitally-savvy these days. We have spent more time to think creatively in terms of content creation, whether it is weaving in interactive elements into the in-Park experience or creating innovative marketing ideas that allow our Guests to be immersed in our Haunted Halloween story anytime, anywhere. All they need is to download the ‘Disney’s Haunted Halloween app on their iPhones, and they will be surprised by what new experiences the augmented reality (AR) technology will bring to them. And, for the first time, Guests can enjoy watching a series of six “spirited” episodes created for the Web. They can map their faces on characters inside the video simply by uploading a photo of themselves. This will enable them to get to know the Headless Horseman back story before they come to the Park,” added Chan.

Revenge of the Headless Horseman

This traveling show is set up in the heart of Adventureland, and the con artist exhibitor claims to have the head of the Headless Horseman as the main exhibit. But you are not the only one attracted to this sideshow. The Headless Horseman himself has come to claim what has been stolen from him. Angered by the con artist exhibitor and his false claims the Horseman has come to seek revenge. You want to view his head - now he wants yours. Escape before you suffer the fate of those before you.

Glow in the Park Parade featuring the Headless Horseman

Once a year when dark forces prevail, this spooky sensation glows in the dark and rocks the Park. This year there is a new villain to pave the way. Don’t miss the prequel to the parade when the Headless Horseman rides down the street. Justice will only be attained when he takes a Head for a Head. Take care it’s not yours he seeks.

Be amazed by the floats as they transform and glow right before your eyes. Join Jack Skellington and his creepy Pumpkin Men and behold the horror of Dr Finkelstein’s Lab. Scream with the Disney Villains and gasp at the shocking Red Devils with their spine-chilling acrobatics. Don’t miss the rockin’ dance moves as the Ghostly Pirate Ship creates a rousing finale.

Adventureland – Cursed Jungle

As darkness rises so do the nocturnal mythical creatures and ghoulish souls exiled for eternity and trapped for centuries in Adventureland. Black magic and ancient incantations have released the unearthly beings to once again prowl among the living and instill fear in anyone who dares trespass on their territory. Explore cautiously as it's inevitable that you will come face to face with the many new jungle inhabitants as they lie in wait around every cursed corner. Be daring and remember to capture a photo of your spirited adventures.

Tomorrowland – Party Zone

Engage in the infectious energy and array of activities at this year’s Halloween party zone. Enjoy music, roving entertainment, stage performances and interactive fun with your friends. There will be special appearances of celebrity DJ’s who will interact with Guests on selected evenings with fun-filled activities and more. A Party Squad is also on the prowl to reward those with the best dressed Halloween costumes. Guests should also drop by the Boo-tique and unleash their Halloween spirit with a spooky makeover and a spray tattoo from HK$ 250 upwards. The popular Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy will also return, with more eerie screams piercing the night air.

Main Street U.S.A. – Ghost Town

The moment you enter Main Street USA you will immediately be transported back to the 1900’s – a seemingly simpler time. The only difference is all the inhabitants of this town have been dead for hundreds of years. From nearly every doorway, ghosts of a forgotten era emerge stumbling and staggering into the street to mingle with the living.

Without warning the music will turn to a heart-throbbing beat, supernatural energy will fill the Zombies and their deadly dance begins. Be part of the chilling fun if you dare by playing along and engaging the spirits in some ghostly photo moments. When the Halloween atmosphere on the street reaches its climax, their time will be up, and the ghosts will vanish in a blink. Night time is their time so beware… they will return from the depths when you least expect it!

Main Street Haunted Hotel

Over a hundred years ago, something went terribly wrong with the hotel situated in Main Street U.S.A., and it became haunted thereafter. The reason has always remained a mystery. Only recently has it been discovered that Victoria Maxwell was taken by the dark force and her ghostly soul now roams the rooms and corridors of the hotel, hungry for new victims and eager to scare guests with new antics. So, if you seek a spine tingling experience, check into the Hotel. We hope that you’ll be able to check out.

Be sure to download the Main Street Haunted Hotel app for another unexpected ghostly encounter.

New AR technology offer to our Guests

With the young adult Guests in mind, Hong Kong Disneyland has come up with new surprises for them to make Disney's Haunted Halloween a must see again this year. All they need is to download the "Disney's Haunted Halloween app on their iPhones, and they will be surprised by what new experiences the augmented reality (AR) technology will bring to them.

Trick or Treat Spooktacular at Fantasyland

Don’t miss the Halloween high jinks we have for the whole family in Fantasyland this year. This spooky Halloween setting is just right for adults and children alike. As night falls, come and see what playful festivities we have in store for you. Visit all the Trick or Treat locations to collect some candy and meet and greet with Mickey, Duffy and the whole gang, who are waiting for you in their new Halloween costumes. Remember to join in the frightful merriment by dressing up for the season – you may even be rewarded for your efforts.

Ghoulish goodies & devilish bites

All-new Haunted Halloween souvenirs are the perfect way to remind Guests of all the laughter they’ve shared with their friends and family. The over 130 merchandise items specially designed for Disney’s Haunted Halloween this year will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to purchase them while they are still available!

After hours of scary fun and ghoulish adventures, satisfy your appetite with our tempting Halloween-themed menu served throughout the Park and Resort. You can enjoy our wide selection of scrumptious International style cuisine, plus lots of Halloween fun with your friends and family!

“Lose your head” your way – Halloween Themed Hotel Room and Wicked Tour

For just HK$500 on top of the hotel room or “Room and Ticket Package for 2 Persons*,” Guests can extend their frightful fun to their hotel rooms with some Halloween-themed surprises and also receive priority entrance to one of the two haunted houses.

Join the new Haunted Wicked Tour for HK$3,388 for a group of up to six people where our hosts will customize your experience and include priority entrance to the Haunted attractions. Guests will also get a private meet and greet session with a haunting Disney character so be ready to grab the camera for a frightfully good time.

1-Day tickets and night tickets are available at the Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket Express in the MTR Hong Kong Station, the Hong Kong Disneyland Main Entrance, the two themed hotels, “Hong Kong Disneyland Ticketing Booth” at The Peak Tower, Avenue of Stars Kiosks in Tsim Sha Tsui, all Circle K Convenience Stores in Hong Kong and selected travel agents. Simply visit www.hongkongdisneyland.com or call the Disney Reservation Center at +852 1830 830 for more details on tickets and hotel reservations.

Text and pictures: copyright Disney


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