Monday, February 27, 2012

Disneyland Paris Disney Dreams Show Update

I have for you today a big update about Disney Dreams!, Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary show which will start April 1st with a premiere during the press event scheduled for March 31st.

Steve Davison, the creator of Fantasmic and World of Color has tweeted recently that he was "heading to the plane to spend a month programming Disney Dreams in Paris" and he added "Here's hoping that all goes well", and so do we. With only one month before the show premiere every element of the show better work fine!

But what kind of effects can DLP Guests await from the Disney Dreams! show? As we know Disney Dreams! is a fountain show with projection effects on the castle and fountains, plus fire and firework effects, but also lasers and bubbles effects, with the show will culminating in a stunning finale.

Disney Dreams!, as i've told you previously tell the story of Peter Pan shadow escaping Peter Pan and travelling in the world of Disney classics. The show will pay tribute to Peter Pan, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Lady and the Tramp, Snow White, beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, ratatouille, Aladdin, Hunchback of Notre dame, Raiponce, Mary Poppins, Nemo, Lion King, Princess and the Frog, Hercules and Fantasia 2000. Well, that's what was planned originally but rumor is saying that the Nemo sequence has been deleted. If that's true then the "bubbles" effect originally include in the show effects might have been deleted too.

And what about the music, you ask? Well, written and directed by Joel McNeely, who worked on several Disney movies, the score was recorded at the mythical Abbey Studios in London and the music will play a key role in Disney Dreams! as Peter Pan, Wendy and Captain Hook will be the only one to speak in english or french during the show. Talking about the score here is more details about the themes that you will hear during Disney Dreams! as it was presented during the annual stockholder meeting early this month:

Opening: The Magic of the Second Star:
Tinker Bell - Second Star on the right
Peter and Wendy - Peter's shadow escapes - Diving into dreams

Sequence 2: The Shadow at Play:
Be our guest
Meeting Remy - Shadow set free
Friend like me

Sequence 3: Free to Dream:
Out There
Step in Time
I Wanna be like you
Magic Forest - See the light

Sequence 4 Shadow Battle:
Friends on the other side
Captain Hook captures Peter's shadow

Finale: Dreams can take us anywhere:
Peter & Wendy
You can fly - Second star

Now, talking about the second star to the right, Sleeping Beauty castle will suddenly become a starry sky during the show opening and the "second star" will light from the castle top stained glass window, the one that you can see on the pictures below.

All the fountains are now installed and the water is back in the castle moats. Giant water screens will rise on the sides of the castle and recently a tall but really ugly metallic structure that will be used to create the water screens was installed. The only problem is that you can see it almost from Main Street and there is no doubt that DLP must definitely find a way to theme this structure so it will be hidden during the day, and they probably will do it - well, let's hope so. Below a series of pictures shot by DLRP Welcome whom i thanks a lot.

I show you before pictures of the projectors installed on Main Street rooftops but more have been added including one near the Theatre du Chateau, this one being closer to the fountains.

All this will be directed from a control room located in a new little building built in front of Casey Corner, and i have an exclusive shot for you showing the inside of the control room.

During these last weeks, the works were going on even at night and a lighting system mounted on a crane was illuminating Sleeping Beauty castle.

But recently the first projection tests began and DLP even released some pictures showing the projections on the castle, like the one at the top and this other below which shows perfectly the projection from Main Street rooftops.

The show apparently will last between 17 and 19 minutes and DLP fans are indeed expecting a lot of Disney dreams! but my guess is that they shouldn't be disappointed. With Steve Davison who is a man who knows what the words "fountain show" means the result should be at the height of the fans expectations!

Let's end with this new TV Ad for the 20th Anniversary, just released.

Pictures: copyright DLRP Welcome, Disney

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