Friday, March 9, 2012

Disneyland Paris From sketch to Reality Book Printing Special Report !

After one long week of printing i'm pleased to announce you that the Disneyland Paris book "From sketch to Reality" is now finished, each page and cover, etc... has been printed! Thanks to all of you who pre-ordered the book this legendary book is coming back and as promised i have pictures of the printing to show you. I am extremely happy with the printing quality and to tell you the truth this new printing of the collector's edition is even better than the first printing ten years ago. Actually, the pictures are even more sharp!

What you'll see below is pictures of the printed sheets just after they went out of the printing machine. 320 pages takes quite a long time to print and now, the binding process will begin, the pages will be folded, cut, etc... Please also note that because these pictures were shot at the printer on some of them - because of the ceiling lights - there is some reflections, so these pics are posted to confirm you that the printing is now done and you won't be able to judge through these pictures of the quality of the printing which, again, is very good. Once the binding will be done they still have to put manually on each book their number, include the five lithographs of thee Walt Disney Studios artworks, pack everything and ship the books that, as it is scheduled are supposed to arrive at our facility at the end of April.

Something important now: The book is always available in its english or french edition but, as i've said before, the pre-order special price will soon be over and the book price will not be anymore at 100 euros but at its final price of 120 euros, plus shipping. This final price will start March19 which mean that you have one more week to place a pre-order and have a 20% discount. The price was supposed to change on February 15th but i've decided to keep it one more month. But on March 19 the final price will start so i you haven't done it yet please place you pre-order now! As usual you can pay with Paypal and Paypal payment must be sent at:
You can also pay with bank wire transfer or, if you live in France with bank check. Please email me at if you wish to pay in another way than with Paypal. And don't forget to let me know your shipping address!

Here we go with the pictures. Below, a pic of the front and back "end pages".

Below a picture of the cover and the dust jacket. You have another pic of the dust jacket without reflection at the top.

And now, some pictures of the inside pages. You won't see all of them as there was a lot of printed sheets but you'll get the picture.

Some additional pictures showing you more of the printed pages. The white strip on the top of each stack is of course not part of the printing.

As usual you can't see more and read a full description of the DLP book in my presentation article HERE and also on the video below showing the whole book. Again, place your pre-order NOW and get the 20% discount which will end on March 19!

Pictures: Copyright Disney - Neverland Editions


Robert said...

Superb, can't wait till April! What a massive deal of paper. How many books have been printed, if I may ask?

Anonymous said...

fascinating... for sure. Pure awesome.

Alain Littaye said...

2200 copies were print (more or less), Robert.

Matt Hunter Ross said...

Looks fantastic, Alain - I want one!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Alain, I bought 3 of the original deluxe copies, and will start saving for your Tokyo Disney Seas book. PD