Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Imagineering Videos about Disney California Adventure expansion and WDW Fantasyland "Be Our Guest" Restaurant

Disney Parks just released two new Imagineering videos, and they will show you more about DCA expansion as well as the "Be Our Guest" restaurant inside the new Fantasyland at WDW. Let's begin by DCA which had the visit of Bob Iger and Tom Staggs who've tested all the new rides at Cars Land. Bob Iger also confirmed that the opening day of Cars Land, Buena Vista Street and Carthay Circle Theatre will be June 15th - as revealed by Al Lutz some weeks ago - and that DCA will be entirely closed on June 14th for the media preview and to make the final preparations for the grand opening.

Let's take a look back at all the additions to Disney California Adventure with this first Imagineering video.

Next video is all about the "Be Our Guest" restaurant which will be located under Beast Castle at WDW New Fantasyland. "WDI Senior Concept Designer Ted Robledo presents the finishing touches on one of the restaurant major elements, i.e a massive mural that will serve as the restaurant’s backdrop. In the video Ted shows how WDI combined digital technology with traditional artistry to create a sweeping landscape that gives guests the feeling that they really are walking into a part of the film."

Pictures and video: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

A mural ! What an innovative idea (sarcasm) ! Universal Studios is going to be fine after all...

Anonymous said...

The skirt they put around the base of the Trolly that hides the wheels,really looks bad and takes away from a major visual element. The skirt modernizes it like a new car.

James said...

Hey Alain,
Carsland really is gonna be a great location to explore, (well, that's if you live a short car ride away in CA!)
I was just wondering how the pricetag of $200 million for this land breaks down: ride exteriors/systems,buildings,labour, etc.
I was just curious, as we all know that WDS Paris needs more of this kind of themeing/location creation to exist within the park.
Tower of Terror was their biggest location themeing expansion I think,- likewise what costed more the actual ride system or the buildings or I would not be surprised if labour was not a small factor.
Perhaps you might be able to offer some light on the issue?

(is the concrete quite a large portion of expenditure or not?)

Matt Hunter Ross said...

Wow, why would they do that?...has to be some legal reason, may be to keep things (people) from sliding underneath.

Alain Littaye said...

Well, James, i don't have the details of the expenses on Cars Land so i can't really answer your question but what i'm pretty sure of - eve if i don't know exactly the right total amount - is that the total cost is way over $200M.

Anonymous said...

I don't like that they are doing these kinds of things primarily digital. Like the concept art. It's just cheap.