Friday, September 21, 2012

Herb Ryman's Disneyland Map Artwork

I've got something great for you today. We all know the first and famous Disneyland artwork done by Herb Ryman for Walt in 1954. I've found it for you in a mega-file which is no less than 1,23 meter large! Although the definition is in 72 dpi only, as it is difficult to find this legendary artwork in a size as large as this one so you should enjoy it anyway.

And, in addition to this great black and white file of Ryman's artwork here is also a rare color version of the Disneyland map, not as large as the one above but in pretty good size too.

Talking about Disneyland if you haven't read yet Al Lutz update this week, you should read it as Al reveals that for the first time since Disneyland's opening big changes are coming to Main Street U.S.A with nothing less than the addition of new streets! Go ahead and have a read on Mice Chat HERE.

Artwork: copyright Disney

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