Friday, September 21, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavour flying over Disneyland and California Landmarks during its final journey !

Editor's Note: Article now edited with today's videos of space shuttle Endeavour flying over Disneyland And California Landmarks!

If you are at Disneyland today keep an eye on the sky as the space shuttle Endeavour will fly above Disneyland Resort today just like it did three days ago over Walt Disney World! This is Endeavour's final journey before it goes to California Science Center where you'll be able to see it starting October 30! Endeavour is also supposed to fly today above the Golden Gate and the famous Hollywood sign!

Edited: Here are some great videos showing space shuttle Endeavour on its final journey to California! The first video below shows Endeavour going east over San Francisco Bay, turning south over the Golden Gate Bridge, and then going west over San Francisco.

Here is another short one showing Endeavour flying over the Golden Gate bridge...

This next one Endeavour are fantastic footage showing Endeavour flying over the Hollywwod sign and L.A Griffith observatory! Lot of people were on the hills and you can feel their excitement!

And there is Endeavour flying over Disneyland resort! 

Many people on one of DL parking lot waiting for Endeavour, as you will see!

And finally , on this video Endeavour is flying over Los Angeles Airport ( Runway 25 ).

And these two next ones are officials NASA videos - filmed from one of the air fighters flying with Endeavour - are showing Endeavour flying over Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz in San francisco bay, Los Angeles, Hollywood sign, and  up to its final landing!

And, finally, if you've missed the footage showing ENdeavour flying over Walt Disney World three days ago, here it is!

Videos: copyright NASA and many others great people who were there yesterday and filmed this historical moment. Thanks a lot to each of you!


Anonymous said...

They will have to cut down a lot of great trees to get it into the museum rather than disassemble it????

Alain Littaye said...

...Or may be they will leave the shuttle outside, not inside the museum building. To be honest, so far i don't know exactly the museum plans. Got to check this.