Friday, October 12, 2012

Guess Who You Could See at Disneyland Back Stage Cafeteria, Circa 1961 ?

If you have young kids around you, it's time to move them away from your computer screen to don't break their princess dreams! This picture which appeared recently on the excellent Retronaut web site was shot at Disneyland back stage cafeteria in 1961. And who do we see on it? Snow White, an Indian from Frontierland (and a cow-boy sit on the right), an astronaut from Tomorrowland, a Polynesian girl from Adventureland, and Goofy, all waiting in line in their character costumes (!) to have lunch in the back stage cast members cafeteria. What? A picture of a fairy-tale princess pushing a tray in a self service like a regular guy? This for sure is a dream breaker!

Picture: copyright Disney

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the Inn Between - that is what that cafeteria is called. It is behind the Plaza Inn and shares the same kitchen. The employee First Aid office was right next door.