Sunday, November 25, 2012

DLP Update: Disneyland Paris Like You've Never Seen it Before ! Plus : Update Ratatouille Dark Ride !

I have a new Disneyland Paris update for you today, and we will also have a look on the construction of the Ratatouille dark ride at the WDS as the works are going pretty fast!
So, let's go to the park with new pictures from Max, D&M contributor and Dlrp Welcome webmaster. And you're going to see DLP and the WDS like you've never seen them before, i.e totally empty, with almost NOBODY in the parks! What happened, you ask? Well, nothing, except that Max wake up very early and entered the Disneyland Paris park at 8 a.m thanks to the "magic hours" and then went to the WDS at 8.30 a.m when it was also not opened yet to regular guests.

You have to know that between 8 to 9 a.m there is always almost no one in the parks. Then, generally, at 9 a.m, hotels guest are arriving and then the park open at 10 a.m. Max shot the pictures yesterday saturday and because it was the weekend the park opening time was 9 a.m instead of 10, but between 8 And 9 a.m the two parks looked like a ghost town! And yes, two Disney parks with almost no one inside feel strange, as you will see.

There we go and we begin by the Disneyland Hotel entrance to the park, in the early hours of the morning, and absolutely nobody waiting at the ticket counters or to enter the park.

Let's move to Main Street U.S.A. Nobody there, except two guests on the right.

A closer look at the Christmas tree and garland while we're there. And not more than fifteen people in all Main Street!

Arriving on Central Plaza - with not more than ten people...

Looking toward Main Street from the castle. Really not a lot of people on Central Plaza...

...except the snow men characters who are also waiting for the guests.

Let's move to Fantasyland through the castle. It's gonna be easy, there is no one in the castle too!

Is there anymore people in Fantasyland? Nope, just a family who could enjoy the whole land for them alone!

Peter Pan's Flight refurbishment is over and the ride is now open again! That's the first good news, and the second one is that there was nobody waiting in line when Max shot the picture - and when you know that Peter Pan's Flight always have long lines all day long in any Disney theme park you know that this IS a real good news.

Around 8.30, Max went to the Walt Disney Studios, may be hoping to see more people. Bad luck, almost no one too at the WDS!

From Front Lot to Production Courtyard to Toon Studios, nobody or almost!

A little bit of refurbishment on this facade wouldn't hurt. No big drama, though.

Now, if some of you are becoming anxious that DLP is now a ghost town, here is another picture shot by Max at 11.30 am, three hours later, of Town Square. And as you can see, everything was back to normal, with hundred of guests walking towards Main Street.

Let's go back to the WDS now to have a look at the works on the Ratatouille dark ride, scheduled to open in 2014. But first - you'll see why it's important - let's have a look back at the WDI artwork showing how this small land will look when it will open. Keep the artwork in mind when you will look at the pictures below so you'll know what will be what.

Here are the latest pictures shot this saturday by Max.

On the picture below, the left part should be the walls for the restaurant - as there will be a "Ratatouille" restaurant.

And on this next one the walls should be the one of what will be the ride entrance.

As you can see below they're finishing to put the walls on the show building and started to theme the top of the facade.

We're not totally done yet as Max also shot some pics of the new World of Disney store which has now Christmas decorations at its entrance. And, good news, the globe on the top is now turning again.

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Orlando Villa Rentals said...

I love these photos! Nothing beats the magic of Disney during the run-up to Christmas :)

Best wishes, Alex

Mark Hickson said...

Aloha Alain!

Seeing the gazebo in town square reminded me that Disneyland had a gazebo in the same spot but before opening in 1955 he had it moved because it blocked the view of the castle!


Anonymous said...

Like you've never seen before?? might be a bit of an overstatement. I been there loads of times when the park was even emptier and there are loads of images out there on good websites without people in the shot...

Anonymous said...

Just come home from DLP and I'm afraid to say the world has stopped spinning on top of world of disney again!