Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Don't Miss the New "Disney Castles" Exhibit at Disneyland Disney Gallery !

There is a new exhibit at the Disney Gallery at Disneyland, Anaheim! The new exhibit is all about Disney Castles and you will see dozens of WDI artwork related to the different Disney castles they've built around the world. And i mean all kind of castles, not only the Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella castles but also others like the Beauty and the Beast castle recently built at WDW new Fantasyland or the Little Mermaid castle at Tokyo Disney Sea, etc..

In addition to all these great artworks you'll be able to see the model of Disneyland Paris castle! And it's not that easy to see it. Those of you who have never been to DLP will be able to "turn around" the castle, look at every detail of it...and understand why it's the most beautiful fairy tale castle WDI Imagineers have ever built.

On the Imagineering video below WDI Imagineer Kim Irvine, concept and show design director will tell you more about this new exhibit which should last six months.

Picture and video: copyright Disney


d_fallen_1 said...

Actually it's been there for quite some time but it's very impressive and interesting to see the intriguing designs for even a Small World type castle. And of course the gallery serves as a queue to Great Moments with Mister Lincoln

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That's nice! I'm certainly going to check it this December at Disneyland.

I agree with you Alain, DLP castle is the most beautiful that WDI has ever built.