Monday, November 19, 2012

Legend Of Captain Jack Sparrow Now In Soft Opening At Disney Hollywood Studios

The awaited Legend Of Captain Jack Sparrow experience is now in soft opening at Disney Hollywood Studios Soundstage 4, and it looks pretty good. It's not a new POTC ride, it's mostly a show with both pirates props and projection effects but a syou will see on the video below it's pretty well done,

The show begin with a pre show and DHS guests meet a talking skull like the famous one in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. It introduces the show and will appear all along. Guests then enter inside the main show room filled with pirates skeletons and a replica of the Black Pearl. During the show guests will come face to face with a skeleton army, mermaids, Davy Jones, the Kraken and finally Captain Jack Sparrow himself, play of course by Johnny Depp, to defeat Davy Jones. According to those who have seen it already "the projections appear to literally fly off the screen along the back of the wall to over the Black Pearl and other objects inside the room". 

It's always hard to judge on a video but the quality of the projections looks really good as well as the whole experience. They should add this at DLP Walt Disney Studios in the "backlot" area, it would be perfect and the former Backlot Express restaurant is now even partly themed with a POTC theme! Go ahead and watch the video in full screen mode!

The video below was shot by the good guys of Inside the Magic, so after you watched it be kind enough to visit their site where you'll see more pictures of the show. And by the way, talking about pictures, the picture on the top is in wallpaper size!

Picture: copyright Disney

Video: copyright inside the Magic


Brian said...

I am usually quite positive about innovations, especially at Disneyland. However, when watching the video, I was not really impressed actually. Might be different when experiencing it myself. But I don't feel like this is much better than the Armegeddon walktrough, currently at WDS Paris. Would be fun if there would be some more interaction with the guests and maybe some water and pyro effects.

Anonymous said...

Looks like WDW paid for an installation of play test elements. It appears to be a show created from effects planned for Pirates of the Caribbean Shanghai. I presume mixing these video effects with the current attraction will give a good hint of what to expect in Shanghai. Video projections along with a boat that can turn in 360 degrees. I expect this is a cost cutting measure to reduce audio animatronic maintenance and to please Johnny Depp who has creative brand control over the Jack Sparrow character.