Friday, January 4, 2013

Full Plan of Shanghaî Disneyland Resort - Edited

Since two months real plans of different Shanghaî Disneyland areas are released. I'm not talking here about the one of the park itself, which was leaked, but others SDL areas like hotels, dining and entertainment zone, bus station, and more recently, SDL lakeside.

The truth is that these plans are not only the official ones but are also released offically. Why? Because there is a process in China that allows the people to give their advice to whatever decisions the government makes. And these plans are released for this purpose, which mean that you can actually send emails to Shendi - the SDL company - to present your advice... as long as you are Chinese and write your advice in Chinese.

Luke, from Luke and the Temple of Fun website, succeeded to find each plan ( the reason why few people find these plans is because only the Chinese version of the website release them ) and posted them when each of them were released. But recently he had the good idea to put them all together, according of what we previously knew of the SDL plan, and adding to these official plans the plan of the park leaked a few months ago. So far, and until the final plan of the park will be released, it's the most complete SDL plan we've seen.

In his last post Luke - counting the free spaces around the lake - thinks that Shanghaî Disneyland may have up to six hotels when the resort will be complete. But Luke also counts the free land at the bottom of SDL Adventureland which in my opinion might be reserved to expand the land or create a new land. However, it's true that a hotel in this location would be fine, so let's count it.

I'm not surprised that only two hotels will be built at the start - the WDC didn't forgot what they learned the hard way when they did the mistake to have seven hotels opened from day one at DLP - but i'm more surprised that only one hotel on the two will be located around the lake - as the "budget" hotel will apparently be located outside the park, more or less behind the Toy Story land area. I suppose they're keeping the most interesting locations - the ones around the lake - for more expensive hotels, which makes sense on a certain point of view.

Edited 1/5: Luke, From Luke and the Temple of Fun sent me this other plan which show clearly that an hotel is in fact envisioned near the park in the space available at the bottom of Adventureland. So, may be SDL will have six hotels, after all.

Another SDL news, interesting: "an exclusive Metro line serving Shanghai Disneyland visitors will be built and put into service in 2015, the same year the amusement park opens to the public.

The new line is a 9.15-kilometer extension of Metro Line 11, starting from Luoshan Road Station in Pudong and ending at the Disney Resort with three stations in between. The Shanghaî Disneyland Station will feature cartoon figures, such as Mickey Mouse. Passengers can enjoy the park's views through large vaults of the semi-underground station".

According to a report in Jiefang Daily the project has been approved by authorities, which in China is almost the most important!

Plans: copyright Disney - Shendi

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Tom said...

Waw, that looks so cool! Don't you have a bigger [picture of the park plan? :)

Alain Littaye said...

No, but you'll find it on Screamscape on the SDL page, by scrolling down a bit, here:

Anonymous said...

The location marked as hotel number three looks awfully small for a hotel. Not enough room for a hotel and infrustructure