Friday, April 12, 2013

Disneyland Paris High- Res Wallpapers Pictures

That's it, Photobucket is working again. Don't know for how long but i succeeded to upload the DLP high-res wallpapers pictures i wanted to add in yesterday's article so go ahead download and use them as wallpapers for your computer screen - or mobile phone or iPad - and enjoy!

By the way the first picture below is the new artwork which replace the previous one located on huge billboard near a backstage door near Storybook Store on Town Square. The previous one was showing a Frontierland riverboat.

And if you can't be in the park this week-end to celebrate DLP 21st Ann, let the park come to you with the great Disneyland Paris book, the whole park in 320 pages with 750 photos! From now till April 15 i put on sale signed copies of the book in its collector edition and that both english and french editions are available. This is the very first time that collector's edition copies would be signed so they will be "double collector"!

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Pictures: copyright Alain Littaye - Disney and more, or Disney


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The first artwork is an advertisement for the company that owns the SS Columbia from Tokyo Disney Sea; it's nice that they make those connections between the Disney Resorts!

Anonymous said...

hi can i ask what the picutre of the clock and map of asia is located? thank you

Anonymous said...

can i ask what the picture of the clock and map of travelling is located? thanks

Alain Littaye said...

At Discoveryland, inside Videopolis, where the Hyperion airship is.