Thursday, June 13, 2013

Great Tokyo Disney Sea Walk-Through Video !

Those of you who've never been to Tokyo Disney Sea will love this great "walk through" TDS video! And it's a real "walk through", i.e the video has been shot walking all through the park, and for a video filmed walking the image is pretty smooth and steady. I wonder if he used some kind of steadycam... Anyway, go ahead and watch this ( in HD 1080p definition and full screen mode of course )  it'll give you the feeling that you are actually walking yourself in Tokyo Disney Sea!

Video: copyright shossis6713


Paolitto said...

Its a great video indeed ! I heard Tokyo Disney Sea was the best Disney park in the world for its overall quality (in lands designs, original attractions and even nicest food).

Have you even been there yourself Alain ?

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, Paolitto, i've been at TDS and even before it opened officially as i was invited for the press event which happened a few days before Tokyo Disney Sea Grand Opening!

DLRP Welcome said...

Thank, it's just beautiful and a dream this Disney Park !

Anonymous said...

Wow puts every other disney park to shame!! They did a great job wiht the Little Mermaid area---wow didn't the imagineers channel that for the new LM attractions in the US?

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I certainly think that it's a really beautiful park, probably the most beautiful alongside Disneyland Park Paris, and it's probably better themed than any other park in the world, Disney or not, but to say that it puts every other Disney park to shame is a big exageration IMO.

To begin with it does have a few outstanding attractions, but the park doesn't have many attractions in general and, in my opinion, it only has one oustanding original attraction, Voyage to the center of the earth, the other great attractions there are not original to Disney Sea.

About the food, the park has nice restaurants, but nothing outstanding. The restaurant inside the SS Columbia is very nice, perfectly themed and the food is good, but not extraordinary. Other Disney parks, like EPCOT and Disneyland Park Paris have better restaurants.

Little Mermaid area is just an indoor space full of themed carnival rides for little kids; it's nice if you're under 10 years of age, but for me it's an area that I just skip. By the way, what do you mean by LM?

Finally, the park does have a lot of excellent original shows, like the day "parade" on the main lagoon and the Broadway theatre.

It's an excellent park, no doubt of that, but I still prefer Disneyland.