Thursday, October 30, 2014

Avengers 3 : Infinity Wars Teaser Trailer !

As announced yesterday during the Marvel event the third Avengers movie will be named : Infinity Wars, and will be released in two parts. Now, and although Avengers 2 ( Age of Ultron ) will be released only next year and "Infinity Wars only in 2017 and 2018 they've shown yesterday a teaser trailer for this Avengers 3 : Infinity Wars, that only guests who were at the event were supposed to see. But you what it is in these internet times, someone filmed it secretly and put it on line.

So, here it is and watch it quickly as i wouldn't be surprised if it was removed from Youtube. And watch it till the end as you'll have your first sight of the real bad guy, Thanos himself, played by Josh Brolin, picture above.

Picture and video: copyright Marvel

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K. Martinez said...

So much Marvel to see and so little time. Looking forward to all the MCU to come. Nice to see that Black Panther is on track as well. Thanks for the coverage.