Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Amy Schumer Racy Star Wars Pictures Infuriates Disney

"Disney wants you to know it wasn’t involved with GQ’s racy Amy Schumer ‘Star Wars’ shoot". Really? And what did Amy Schumer and GQ? They did a photo shoot - racy indeed - with Star Wars characters - like Amy in bed with R2D2 and C3PO - and published them in the latest GQ issue. A studio spokesperson told Variety, “It’s not surprising that GQ would want to capitalize on the cultural cachet of ‘Star Wars,’ but Lucasfilm and Disney did not authorize, participate in or condone the inappropriate use of our characters in this manner.” GQ did not consult with Disney or Lucasfilm on the content of the shoot, a studio rep says, but because the photos are obviously parodying the iconic franchise, they’re covered under fair use. A source close to Disney admitted that there was no legal recourse for the parody — beyond social-media disapproval."

Frankly, there is much worse than that on this planet, and i'm sure that those of you who have the sense of provocation will enjoy them. All the pics here are in big size so don't hesitate to click on them to get the big files.

Pictures: copyright GQ Magazine

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Amy Schumer is very funny!

I can completely understand Disney's reaction to the pictures, they have to say that they don't have anything to do with it, but at least they were wise not to take any legal action against it. I personally enjoyed the pictures!