Saturday, July 4, 2015

First Rendering of Shanghaî Disneyland Tomorrowland

Mark Taft from Insights and Sounds has posted in his latest article the first rendering i've seen of Shanghaî Disneyland Tomorrowland. I'm pretty sure that it is a SDL rendering because, although it don't unveil a lot, all the elements are there.
The structure in the foreground, on the right, is the Tron Light Cycles "cover" dome under which the motorbike coaster will run before entering the show building. On the right, you have what WDI Imagineers call the "Superblock" building with inside the Buzz lightyear ride and the Stitch Encounter attraction, as well as restaurants on the ground floor. And the white ball in the background is where will be the Jet Packs ride. The structure in the foreground on the left should be the Tomorrowland theater. Not a lot of rides in this land at opening day but for sure more should be added later.

We'll see if it looks like this when the park will open, but in the meantime jump to Mark full article right HERE.

Picture: copyright Disney - Shendi

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K. Martinez said...

It looks very static. Disney just doesn't seem to be into the kinetic energy of those earlier Tomrorowlands anymore. With the exception of the Jet Packs ride it looks like there's no outdoor mechanical movement going on. Everything's hidden inside.