Monday, July 6, 2015

Immerse Yourself in "The Immersarium" and Ride Again With a 360° View DLP Space Mountain "From the Earth to the Moon" , and more

You certainly remember Gregory Noacco who did with genius some months ago the digital re-creation of DLP Space Mountain in its original version that you can see HERE if you've missed it. Now Gregory did with even more genius something even better that he called the "Immersarium". In two words you can now watch its digital re-creations of Space Mountain AND Star Tours and "immerse" yourself inside them thanks with a 360° view! All you have to do is to turn the video image with your mouse when the video is playing -  that's right, it's 360° videos which mean that he did a digital re-creation on 360° and not only "front view". And it can work too with a virtual reality helmet device like Oculus, etc… thanks to which you can be totally immersed in the ride. The title "Immersarium" is also a tribute to the Visionarium ( the word is of course a mix of "immersion" and "visionarium" ) and Gregory choose Timekeeper to introduce it, as you'll see on the front page.

Here is how Gregory presents the Immersarium which is still experimental : "As these shows do not exist anymore in the form depicted here, the goal is to allow people to remember the great moments they had aboard these attractions, and share these with younger generations, allowing them to discover these adventures.

Now imagine a special place in theme parks, where these old attractions could be lived again using immersive technologies, the whole being presented with a coherent storyline: this is the "Immersarium" concept...

Of course, this is only a personal idea/work, and it can be improved. At the end, it is also a modest tribute to all the great men and women from Walt Disney Imagineering who contributed to the creation of these rides by their talented and passionate work."

When you'll arrive on the front page you have the choice between Space Mountain or Star Tours. If you choose space Mountain you can then move in the "stellar way", and rediscover the walk through up to the boarding room as it used to be before they changed it for SM Mission 2. This part is no a video but still at 360° and is great anyway. All you have to do is to put your mouse on the image and turn the image all around at 360°. Here are some screen captures.

OR you can choose to do the ride in its original version, and this time it's a 360° video. Once you've launched the video the principle is the same, i.e you have to put your mouse on the video - or your finger on a mobile device - and "turn" it at 360° to don't watch it only in frontal view. Here is a screen capture.

The other option is to choose to ride Star Tours and this time you'll be inside the Starspeeder shuttle with Rex and here too you can choose to turn the video at 360° and the result, just like the Space Mountain re-creation, is pretty impressive. Below, some screen captures.

Now, what do you need and on which device this work? First, HERE is the url of the Immersarium. According to Gregory it work well on these mobile devices: iPhone 5s/6, Galaxy S3/S4/S5, Nexus 5, Archos 50 Diamond. If you have a virtual reality device like Oculus Rift, it will work too.
You can also see it on your Mac / PC and if when you launch the VR video you don't see any image ( this happened to me on my Mac with Safari ) there is a very easy solution which resolve the problem and it'll take you not more than five minutes. Go at this link HERE and download Firefox Nightly browser, and install it. Then do a copy and paste of the Immersarium page url and choose your destination, and the 360° video will work.

Again, i think that Gregory did an awesome job and i can't wait for the next extincts attractions that he will recreate and add to the Immersarium in the future!

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