Friday, August 7, 2015

New Shanghaî Disneyland Aerial and Model Pictures

We've got new aerial and model pictures of Shanghaî Disneyland and the first one above and below is showing the Shanghaî Disneyland 5 stars hotel as well as SDL lake in the background. Now, this is an interesting one as if you have a closer look you'll see that many trees are already in place whether it's near the lake or on the main avenue of the resort, in the foreground. The SDL Hotel looks almost finished, at least for the outside and we can guess the different gardens areas around it.

Next is the one below and what you see in the foreground on the left is in fact Disney Town - SDL shopping, dining and entertainment area - with SDL park entrance on the right and SDL park in the background. The big green building in the foreground at the entrance of Disney Town is most probably the World of Disney store.

The other "drone" picture below shows the whole park with SDL gardens of Imagination in the foreground and of course SDL castle.

Next one is a closer shot on Enchanted Storybook Castle with Fantasyland right behind it.

Let's have a look at new pictures of the SDL model, shot on different angles than the pics we've seen before. The two first ones show Shanghaî Disneyland entrance.

A close-up shot on the entrance building. I remind you that although this one looks a bit like DL train station, that there won't be any SDL railroad moving around the park, and no monorail either.

Next is a picture of SDL castle model, but not the one placed on the full SDL model, a separate one.

And on the two next pics the SDL castle is part of the whole model with Fantasyland on the left and behind, and Alice's Labyrinth on its right.

One more shot showing the castle on a different angle...

A closer shot on Roaring Rapids mountain and Camp Discovery trail.

Another great picture, showing Adventure Isle on the left and Treasure Cove POTC land on the right.

Two pictures of Tomorrowland model, the first one of the TRON cover structure...

...and the other of the Jet Packs, located near the entrance of the land.

And this last one shows the Grand Walt Disney Theatre in Disney Town where will play The Lion King in Mandarin language for the first time.

Last but not least the first Shanghaî Disneyland merchandise items have been released at the new Disney Store in Shanghaî and you can see pics of them on the D&M Facebook page HERE on which i remind you i post every day.


K. Martinez said...

No railroad around the park? What a shame. That's the heart and soul and the "Walt" of the kingdom parks, just like the castle. From what I've seen of this park so far, I'm not impressed. Maybe later when it comes closer to completion.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see the finished product. It looks amazing. I agree that it's a bit of a shame that there is no railroad - they could at least of had it circling part of the park, like in Tokyo - it would fit in well with the Adventure Isle side of the park. The only part of the model that makes me go 'meh' is the entrance, which looks a bit bland and underwhelming. Hopefully it will look better in person.