Thursday, October 1, 2015

Disney's Africa, a Third Theme Park Concept for Disneyland Paris

I'm always amazed how Disney fans can create amazing theme parks or attractions concepts thanks to new softwares and their own talent. JameS Studios is one of them and did this really good concept of a third theme park for Disneyland Paris which would be called "Disney's Africa". The video was posted in December 2013 so i'm a bit late on this one, but better too late than never as they say...

With Pride Rock at its center and rides or shows based on The Lion King, Tarzan, and more, this Disney's Africa would also include a Jungle Cruise version, the Kilimandjaro Safaris, etc.. The software have limits so it was obviously hard for him to create ride scenes in 3D but the creation of the park architecture and vegetation is excellent and  the whole thing has a really good editing as well as smooth camera moves.

In addition there is an excellent idea for a nighttime show with projections on Pride Rock and additional fountains and fireworks, and the whole thing is very pleasant to watch, if you accept the technical limits. Very good choice of music too. At the end James and his team did such a good work that you will surprise yourself thinking you would be pleased if this Disney's Africa was existing in real at Disneyland Paris!

So, have a look at the video which is the "complete tour" of this park concept!

There is more as James also did an excellent RCT3 creation of a Grizzly River Run re-titled "Sequoia River Run" which he envision for DLP Frontierland, of course.

Videos: copyright JameS StudioS

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