Thursday, October 1, 2015

Shanghai Village, the Other BIG Project of Shanghaî Disney Resort

Something else really big is currently being built at Shanghaî Disney Resort, right at the other end of SDL lake, and it completely escaped to our sight until now. And it's not because it hadn't been announced, it was announced last year but the location of the luxury Shanghaî Village - as it is named - was not disclosed explicitly so we couldn't knew that in fact this huge luxury shopping destination will be in fact located so near to Shanghaî Disneyland.

And don't think that Disney is not involved in it as it is a joint venture between Value Retail China and Shanghai Shendi Group, the developer of Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone (SITRZ). Shendi as we know is the joint venture with Disney and it is master planning SITRZ with premium hotels, health spas, recreation facilities and restaurants that cater to affluent tourists and residents, and of course Shanghai Disney Resort.

Shanghaî Village will be located within the core zone of SITRZ, adjacent to Shanghai Disney Resort, at the other end of the lake. Accessible by car, metro, train and bus, Shanghaî Village will also enjoy the excellent transport links of Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone.

Public transport to the Village will be provided by local buses and by Metro line 11. Metro line 11 is the first cross-provincial metro line in China. In the future, there are plans to extend Metro line 2 into a tail of the existing metro station.

From the local Shanghai Disney Resort metro station ( bottom left on the picture above ) a dedicated shuttle will transport visitors to Shanghai Village. Visitors may also choose to walk along the lakeshore paths or arrive by boat across the lake.

Shanghai Village will ultimately have more than 50,000 square metres of outlet retail and restaurant space. It will serve tourists visiting the Shanghai Disney Resort (an estimated 15 million visitors in the first year), the international and domestic tourists visiting Shanghai, as well as the catchment area of the Yangtze River Delta region, with a population of approximately 140 million.

But what i find really exciting with this Shanghaî Village is its architecture. If just like me you like art-deco style you'll be i heaven as they cleverly did the choice of a style which will remind the old romantic Shanghaî of the 20-30's, still visible on legendary Shanghaî Bund. I let you have a look at the pictures below as pictures as we know worth a thousand words...

Looks great, isn't it? Sure, it's one more place inside Shanghaî Disney Resort where they expect you to buy, eat and spend money but it will be the only luxury outlet shopping destination within the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone - you can be sure that Disney won't have any competitor miles around - and it will be defined by "a distinctive offer of international luxury, fashion and lifestyle brands and by an authentic European shopping experience, consistent with the nine Villages by Value Retail in Europe.cShanghai Village will be one of the most important luxury shopping destinations in Asia. Shanghaî Village reflects a rewarding 15 year history shared between Disneyland Paris and the popular La Vallée Village, also developed and operated by Value Retail.

Shanghai Village will be home to a unique mix of leading international and Asian luxury and fashion brands, offering their previous seasons' collections with exceptional savings throughout the year. Fashion for men, women and children, together with luxuries for the home, will be available. A suite of carefully prepared amenities will include restaurants and cafés, offering local and international cuisine.

Shanghai Village will be located in Pudong New District, 40–60 minute drive from central Shanghai and if you think it's a long term project for SDL, you're wrong. At the time i write this article Shanghaî Village is currently being built and has an opening scheduled for ...Spring 2016! May be they'll be a bit late but the goal is to open as soon as possible after Shanghaî Disneyland opening. One more good reason to go to ShanghaI Disneyland? Probably and we'll end this article with the video below showing the project and from where the screen captures below are coming.

Pictures and video: copyright Shendi - Value Retail

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