Thursday, November 19, 2015

Disneyland Paris Reopen After Four Days of Closure Due to Paris Terrorist Attacks and National Mourning - Full Report

Disneyland Paris reopened yesterday after four days of closure due to Paris terrorist attacks and four days of national mourning. Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster was there at dawn to check what was new in security measures and of course to bring us a new pictorial report about the parks and resort!

But first, make sure to come back to D&M tomorrow evening or Saturday as i will do an important announcement that should highly interest Disneyland Paris fans as well as others Disney parks fans around the world! It's not about new rides or attractions, but it's the first time that this will happen in France!

Big update today so let's go, and don't forget to check the Christmas Special Offer on the Disneyland Paris book at the end of the article! 

The first thing that DLP guests have to go through when arriving to the parks is security. Following the tragic events in Paris last Friday the bags checking is now done only by scanners, employees are no longer two but three for control, the brigade with dogs goes from two dogs to four, ten security agents have been added to each hotel, and the TGV station is monitored by twenty soldiers, not to mention french national police. Disney is also looking to recruit more in the security sector. DLP wants to reconnect to a return to normal as Parisians are still being fear to come to the parks, so the majority of guests are residents of the hotels. That said, yesterday, all activities were scheduled and shows and Christmas events  were presented to the parks visitors.

Even DLP cast-members must now scan their bags, in addition of the random check of cast-members lockers backstage.

Here we are, at the park entrance, let's move in!

Scaffoldings are always there on main Street Station and they're still here for a while.

Christmas decoration are present all along Main Street as well as on Central Plaza.

There is a new show on the Theater Stage which is the Royal Christmas wishes, and this show is perfect for all to have a good time. If they want to improve it, the should take at least 5 more minutes and it would be perfect! Nothing to say except that the Christmas ball - picture above - should be more visible by the guests.

Here comes the Christmas Parade!

In Fantasyland, more than half of It's a Small World facade, repainted with new colors, is now visible. The attraction will reopen on December 19!

In Adventureland the Defender car is back at last in front of La Girafe Curieuse shop.

The biggest changes are in Frontierland as the lake of Rivers of the Far-West is now completely empty, allowing guests to see for the first time the track which guide the riverboats - as, yes, there is one!

Some are already at work on Big Thunder Mountain!

Of course fences which seems to never end are surrounding the area and guests won't see again the Rivers of the Far-West before January 2017. But DLP did some really cool themed posters, placed here and there on the fences.

Here are the most interesting of them, click on the pictures to get them in big size.

...and the Lucky Nugget Saloon poster.

In the back of Frontierland, though, the Frozen village is back!

Here comes their majesties!  :-)

Let's move at the Walt Disney Studios where Mickey and Minnie the gang welcome the visitors. well as Mary Poppins with the penguins!

Christmas orchestra in Studio 1!

At Toon Studios the repainting of Animagique has ended and i have to say that the building looks as shiny as new! They did a real good painting job on this one.

Some news of the Newport Bay Hotel and its never ending renovation, which indeed never end...

...though a big part of it on the lake side  is now repainted.

Disney Village has also a Christmas theming with the return of the Christmas village...

All-right, we'll have soon a new DLP update but now two important things: 1) don't forget to be back tomorrow for the surprise announcement i will do here, as i said at the start of this article and, 2) don't miss the Christmas Special Offer on my Disneyland Paris "From Sketch to Reality" book, in its English updated edition or in French collector's edition. And believe me you won't find a better Christmas gift for a Disney theme park fan! Until December 22 you can order the book at the special price of 60€ or 75€ for a signed copy ( + 15€ shipping worldwide, except for Belgium or Italy for which shipping is 29€ ). You can pay by Paypal, credit card or bank transfer ( or by check for French bank account only ) and if you have a Paypal account you can send the total amount, including shipping, directly to: You can pay with Paypal for the book in its ENGLISH or FRENCH edition by using the Paypal button below. Just specify me by email which edition you want (english or french)
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All pictures and videos: copyright Max Fan, DLPWelcome


K. Martinez said...

Nice update. I like the photos of the drained Rivers of the Far-West. It illustrates how the Disney parks really are all about illusion. Looking forward to tomorrow's announcement.

Thank you, Max and Alain.

Anonymous said...

Great photos and update! It's a Small World is going to look gorgeous when all the walls come down. I wish they could take this refurbishment opportunity to add a Christmas overlay similar to the one in California. But one thing at a time, I guess :)