Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dinosaur Planet Stars of Dinos Attraction

Here is the second article about the new Dinosaur Planet theme park which opened in Bangkok on March 25. And this time we'll have a look at the "E-Ticket" attraction which include dozens of Audio-Animatronics dinos. "Stars of Dinos" was an attraction in which originally expedition trucks were supposed to transport guests. For various reasons the concept was cancelled and although the trucks are  visible at the entrance, now guests can walk around and took all their time to wonder at these magnificent Dinos AA. 

The most important thing to note is that all dinos have been recreated life-size, meaning that you stand next to huge animals and have, as you can stay near the Dinos as long as you want, for the first time of your life the feeling of how it would feel if you were back in time 100 millions years ago or more, standing face to face with these gigantic animals. That IS the main reason why anyone in Bangkok should go to Dinosaur Planet as it is a unique and impressive physical experience, specially when you stand near a full-size threatening T-Rex.

The Audio-Animatronics were made in China but all the skin paintings were done by Thai artists who did a much better job than Chinese usually do. As a matter of fact the skins are incredible, probably the best you can see for Audio-Animatronics Dinosaurs.

D&M has two videos for you, one filmed during daylight and the other at night. Some of you may think that the dinosaurs moves are limited - specially in comparison to the awesome AAs we saw two days ago in the Jurasic World exhibit, but keep in mind that guests were supposed to be in a moving truck and see them just a few seconds while the trucks were passing by. As i've said the ride inside expedition trucks has been cancelled and guests can now admire the AAs as long as they want, but the movements of each Audio-Animatronics didn't changed as the ride cancelling was a last minute decision. That said, they did a real good job on all AAs, specially considering the price as i remember you that the WHOLE PARK has an estimated cost of $15M only, which is amazing. 

There we go and below the first video at daylight.


And now, let's have a look at the pictures!

They also have some "walking dinosaurs", a cast-member is of course inside the dinosaur costume, just like at Universal Studios, who take fun at frightening guests.

Each dinosaur makes a great photo location for a "family portrait"!

As usual, it's at night that the scenes look their best with a special lighting. So, here are the same dinos when night fell on Bangkok, and i have also for you a second video.

The unused attraction trucks makes the joy of young children!

As the ride concept was cancelled with guests now walking where intially the trucks above were supposed to move, some plaques were added at the bottom of each Dino indicating their name, species, and a few infos about them.

Dinosaur Planet include more attractions, some really unique as you will see in the part three of this report!

Pictures and videos: copyright Disney and more

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