Sunday, May 15, 2016

FULL Shanghaî Disneyland Castle "Golden Fairy Tale Fanfare" Show and Mickey's Storybook Express Parade HD Videos !

Thanks to Mathieu Eberle who has uploaded on Youtube this excellent two-parts HD video, you'll be able to discover the FULL Shanghaî Disneyland Enchanted Storybook Castle show "Golden Fairy Tale Fanfare" as well as the full Mickey's Storybook Express parade! Enjoy both of them and make sure to watch them in 1080p definition!

Video: copyright Mathieu Eberle

Artwork: copyright Disney - Shendi


Sean Fernandez said...

I know it's that the parks haven't even opened yet, but I feel like both the day show and parade are kinda lackluster.

The concept for the castle show looked more exciting than the actual thing, and the parade seemed, well, mellow I guess. Not as energetic as Soundsational at Disneyland nor as fantastical as Festival of Fantasy Parade at Disney World.

Hopefully the next iteration of both of these shows get better cuz as of now, they're rather forgettable and bland.

I do have high hopes for the Ignite the Dream Fireworks though which we'll have to wait til opening to see.

Brandon Piazza said...

I feel so bad for the girl that fell in the first few minutes! Hope she didn't get hurt! That's what practice is for! But it seems like a beautiful show to see in person!

Brandon Piazza said...

I was a little disappointed like u were! However, I've learned that when it comes to live shows, it's impossible to accurately assess by watching the video! Same is true for concerts and theater! These experiences really need to be enjoyed in person! That was the point I made in my last post, which was sent before yours was available to see! But I get where your coming from! But again I didn't think the Hong Kong night parade was that great until I saw it in person!