Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hong Kong Disneyland Update With Fantastic 4K Drone Video Over HKDL Explorers Lodge Hotel

We'll start the week with a Hong Kong Disneyland update thanks to fantastic aerial shots from a 4K drone video filming from over Discovery Bay. You won't see close shots of the park in it but great views of the new Explorers Lodge Hotel currently in construction and scheduled to open next year.

Here we go for some screen shots from the video, starting with the picture above showing well how the park in the background is surrounded by mountains. On the foreground, the excellent Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Below, closer shots on the park itself.

The drone camera then turn to the left revealing the construction site of the Explorers Lodge Hotel.

The hotel you see right behind is the HKDL Hollywood Hotel.

The drone then fly for a few minutes over Discovery Bay and then come back, offering another view of the Explorers Lodge Hotel from a different angle, and showing how close are the Hollywood Hotel and the Explorers Lodge Hotel.

The building construction seem to be almost over but no vegetation is in place and this will be probably the next step, as well as the interior decoration and theming.

if you don't remember the WDI rendering showing how it will look when the Explorers Lodge will open in 2017, here are the artworks.

The video ends with the drone in front again of HKDL Hotel showing the park in the background, and i remind you that all the land on which is built the park and hotels didn't existed 15 years ago and is man made, it was the sea before.

'Time to watch this great 4K video filmed by Youtuber Patrick Ooi with a DJI Phantom 3. Make sure to choose the 4K definition when you watch it!

Video: copyright Patrick Ooi

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