Monday, October 3, 2016

Disneyland Paris Renovation Program For the Next Two Years

On Wednesday, September 28, DLP Daniel Delcourt did a conference with details about the Disneyland Paris renovation program. Chris 500 was there and posted on the DCP forum the most important points that were announced. Below, the translation with some D&M additional infos that were not included in Daniel Delcourt presentation:

Big Thunder Mountain and Rivers of the Far-West
. Return of the geysers ( which were not working since 20 years)
. BTM special effects will be back + addition of new ones ( the explosive finale in the final lift )
. Automatic Train recovery system during an emergency stop will take 20 minutes instead than one hour with the previous system

Star Tours 2
. The previous post-show area becomes a shop
. Star Traders shop becomes a Meet and Greet with Star Wars characters
. A new X-Wing will be installed above Star Traders
- New show inside Space Mountain themed on Star Wars

Pirates of the Caribbean
. A complete rehab is planned, with return of effects and addition of new effects ( apparently he didn't mentioned the Jack Sparros AAs )

WDS Tram Tour
. Not include in the rehab program, but still under consideration

D&M take: previously the addition of a new "Star Wars scene was rumored. So far it has been cancelled, mainly because they envision to build Star Wars land at the WDS ( where they have the room for ) and not at DLP Discoveryland ( where they don't have enough land )

Moteurs Action stunt show
Ongoing reflection on the coming changes, with a possible integration of element of the upcoming Cars movie

Phantom Manor
. A complete renovation of the attraction ( inside and outside and with apparently new scenes ) will happen after DLP 25 Anniversary in 2018 and Phantom Manor should be closed during 6 months.

. Quality improvement program of products and services
. All burgers are now from the Angus breed
. At Casey Corner, hot dogs can be ordered with a sausage of pork or beef, and there will be a "hot dog of the month"
. In buffets, add an interaction between guests and casts (example: dishes needing a cutting, which facilitates dialogue)

Entertainment / Shows
. The return of a parade at the Studios is under consideration, we do not know what but there will be something
. Will increase the number of meeting points with the characters
. Addition of a Marvel touch, only at the Studios
. Some changes in the Disney Dreams! show for the 25th Anniversary
. Return of more or less permanent shows on the castle stage

. Free WiFi is already present in some hotels like the Cheyenne (after being Rehab)
. The way the rehab of the Newport hotel was done, in two parts was a mistake, because of the sound pollution generated. Now hotels will be completely closed during their rehab, and the next to be renovated is the New York hotel which will close entirely during 18 months followed after by the Disneyland Paris Hotel

More infos at the DCP Forum ( french version ) HERE  and also on the ED92 report  ( also in french ) HERE .

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Anonymous said...

This is very exciting. I can't wait to go back there for the 25 years anniversary (buy I'll do it right after the Pirates of the Caribbeans will re open)