Friday, October 7, 2016

First Pictures and Videos of Hurricane Matthew at Walt Disney World

Hurricane Matthew was all over Florida east coast today and the first pictures an videos showing Disney World hit by Matthew have been posted. Let's have a look first to the pictures - above and below.

Below, a video filmed this morning near the Swan and Dolphin hotels when Matthew was approaching.

Another video filmed at the worst moment and this time it's serious with very strong winds.

Blog Mickey tells us that Monorail Red and Green have spent the night inside WDW Contemporary Resort while Matthew was arriving.

How does it look when a Force 4 Hurricane is approaching? Well, the pictures below - shot in Florida today and in Orlando for the last one - will show you how it look!

And i remind you the latest news from the National Hurricane Center, i.e that Hurricane Matthew could hit TWICE Florida and the Bahamas as Matthew will turn after he reached South Carolina and will go back down to hit again Bahamas first and then hit again Florida, probably more Miami than Orlando early next week - see NHC map below.

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