Friday, January 13, 2017

Star Wars : A Galactic Celebration Debut at DLP Walt Disney Studios Park - Full Show Video

That's it, thanks to Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster, we have the video of Star Wars : A Galactic Celebration - Full Show this time filmed from inside the park as there was a soft opening last night at DLP Walt Disney Studios park before it officially begin tomorrow!

Although the projection looks impressive it never look so good than when the scenes projected are dark as it makes disappear the structure of the Tower of Terror. It shows the limit of the technique but i'm sure that when you see it in real it'a big "wow", so enjoy the video and pics of the show below!

Max will be back soon with new DLP update, and in the meantime i remind you that there is still copies available of the Disneyland Paris book in English regular edition. For the FRENCH Collector edition it's totally different. Only 50 copies are still available, and when this collector's edition will be out of stock, it will NOT be reprinted as it was a limited edition.

The price for an english copy is 78 euros and the price for each copy of the remaining 50 copies of the French edition is 100 euros ( which was the original price of this limited collector's edition ). Don't await any new special offer as these are the last copies and the price won't change. Shipping worldwide per copy is 19€ ( except Belgium or Italy for which it is 25€ ) and you can pay by Paypal, credit card or bank transfer. Just  send me an email at:  to place your order with your shipping address. The Paypal payments can be send at the same email address:

Disneyland Paris, From Sketch to Reality is truly a gorgeous book that late WDI Imagineer described as "the best book ever done on a Disney theme park in the last 50 years". It's an awesome gift for any Disney parks fan, so don't miss it while it is still available, and it won't last long!

Below, Paypal buttons for the English or French edition, make sure to choose the right one! The 19€ for worldwide shipping are included in the total amount before the Paypal payment.

Paypal button for the ENGLISH edition:

DLP Book ENGLISH Edition

Paypal button for the FRENCH edition:

Below, the video showing each of the 320 pages of the book!

Pictures and video: copyright DLP Welcome

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