Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Best Deal of the Month: The Twilight Zone Complete Original TV Series 24 Blu-Ray Discs Box is TODAY at $71.99 on Amazon!

DEFINITELY THE BEST DEAL OF THE MONTH: The Twilight Zone complete original TV series Blu-Ray box is TODAY at $71.99 on Amazon ( instead of $127 ). The box includes 24 Blu-Ray discs of the full four Twilight Zone seasons episodes ( the original series aired between 1960 and 1964 + bonus, which makes each Blu-Ray disk at less than $3! And if you live in the U.S and have an Amazon Prime account there is even a $70 instant discount if you choose to subscribe to an Amazon VISA card ( which don't have any annual fee ), making the whole thing for $1.99 !!!

I've added the product to the Disney and more Grand Emporium a-store HERE and if you place your order through it you even help D&M ( the order is done and process directly through Amazon like a normal order ). Don't miss this Twilight Zone Complete Series Blu-Ray box at the best price ever and make sure to check that the price is still at $71.99 as it can change from a day to another!
Note: the Blu-Ray Discs are in ENGLISH language with english subtitles only.

To place your order jump HERE.

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