Friday, March 10, 2017

More Amazing Video of Pandora : the World of Avatar !

Another great video of Pandora : the World of Avatar came at the end of the day during Nightline and James Cameron and Joe Rhode were back again to give a tour of Pandora to the ABC reporter. In this new video below you'll see more footage of the Na'vi River Journey, a bit more of the Flight of Passage ride and new shots showing the amazing Avatar land vegetation!

During a sequence of this new ABC video we enter inside the Flight of Passage ride and we can see a bit of the queue decor, but also the "decontamination process" through which guests will have to go to create also their own "avatar"...

...and also a row of seats on which guests will sit for the ride itself. WDWNT think HERE, from what producer Jon Landau is saying, that it will be a virtual reality ride but we can see clearly that they wear only 3D glasses and not a VR helmet, so i think that what Landau says doesn't mean necessarily that it will be a VR ride ...we'll know the truth in two months!

The picture that was leaked a few weeks ago was showing in fact a test seat. But on this other picture below you can see ( on the second floor ) the row of seats and, just as i thought, we can see that the "wall" that you see on the picture above in front of the ABC reporter and Jon Landau, is going up to reveal the screen.

Here is the video and have a closer look at the footage showing the Na'vi River Journey ride as you can see on the left, at the end of a panoramic shot, that they've included screens in the vegetation of the ride. Hope we won't notice them too much. One more thing: according to a review of a Screamscape reader HERE "the overall land is a bit smaller than what you might be expecting when you are actually inside, the quality of it all is just so over the top and authentic looking that you will be blown away".

Pictures and video: copyright Disney

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