Monday, April 24, 2017

Universal Studios Orlando Volcano Bay Video Update

With just one month prior to its opening let's have a look to Universal Orlando Volcano Bay water park which is almost ready to welcome its first guests. 

Eye Aerial has posted a great new drone video - and filmed in 4K - of Universal Orlando Volcano Bay water park, which provide stunning footage as seen from above. The pools have not yet been filled with water so you'll need to imagine how it will look with a crystal clear turquoise color water! 

That said, my main concern is about the immersion feeling as i'm curious to see if it will work with the highway located right behind Volcano Bay... 

Let's have a look now closer to the ground with this other video filmed by Alicia Stella posted just three days ago!

Can't wait to see how it will look on opening day next month!

Videos: copyright Eye Aerial, Alicia Stella


Sean Fernandez said...

Was just about to say that I wasn't a fan of how close the water park is to the Highway!

The park actually looks pretty damn cool, almost on Disney level except for that highway nextdoor. Really seems like it'll break the immersion for guests which I think still distinguishes Disney from competition, they know to block out the outside world, (Except for DCA and Paradise pier which still irks me that you can see the Convention Center and Hotels on Katella) and truly make you feel as if you're in somewhere completely different and amazing.

Universal is getting good though at having certain things be Disney level design but as we can see they're not there yet.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that Universal did everything possible to block out the highway in terms of sight lines and noise. But of course, Disney has an advantage due to its vast Florida property.

Anonymous said...

Ouch ! Didn't realise it was so close to a big & very busy highway.
(There is even an elevated road !)
Noise, pollution, smells... Not really great to relax. :-(
They should really have build a berm like Disney to offset some of thoses issues.