Thursday, May 18, 2017

FULL Ride MovieS of Tokyo Disney Sea's "Nemo and Friends Searider"

Here is the FULL ride movie of Tokyo Disney Sea's new attraction "Nemo and Friends Searider", and in 4K, please! Important note: what you may have seen previously was only the two and a half first minutes of the ride movie, stopping right before the so-so scary scenes began, here you have the full movie from the start to the end and filmed from the front row! Thanks to EnoEno who filmed it and posted it on Youtube! Also note that because it was filmed from the front row you won't see the additional small screens placed behind.

But wait a minute!, don't go away I've just found on Youtube ANOTHER ride movie, also filmed in 4K by EnoEno by the way, and also supposed to be the "Nemo and Friends Searider" ride movie... Does this mean that there is TWO different movies for the attraction?!? Apparently YES! Both movies are charming and obviously target the young children, and apparently some in-theater water effects have been kept from the previous Storm Rider ride.

Videos: copyright Disney - Oriental Land, EnoEno

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