Monday, July 24, 2017

Universal Orlando Announces New Generation of Thrill Ride Coming in 2019 to Harry Potter Wizarding World

The Universal Orlando Blog announced today that a new generation of thrill ride is coming to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in 2019! They didn't tell everything about the new ride just yet, but here’s what they share:
- This all-new thrill ride will take you deeper into J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, where you will encounter some of your favorite characters and creatures. It’ll be unlike anything we’ve ever done before and it will be fun for the entire family.
- The new attraction will be one of the most highly-themed coaster experiences we’ve created. It will combine a new level of storytelling with an action-packed adventure…and a few surprises along the way.
- Our award-winning Universal Creative team is once again collaborating with Warner Bros. and the production design team from the Harry Potter films to bring this new coaster experience to life.
- This ride is going to redefine the category and transport you to thrilling places, drawing you into even more exciting adventures within the wizarding world. It’s going to be the perfect addition to Hogsmeade.
- We’re permanently closing Dragon Challenge on September 5 to make way for this all-new ride. The last day of operation will be Monday, September 4.

More details will be released in the future. In the meantime, make sure you come out and take your last ride on Dragon Challenge before it closes.

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d_fallen_1 said...

In short, Forbidden Forest ride confirmed.

I expected this considering how much room Dragon Challenge is taking up. Despite my fond memories with this attraction, without the "dueling" aspect of this ride, you might as well just dub it a "standard coaster." I'll miss dearly, but I also look towards the future. Universal Studios definitely know what they are doing.