Friday, September 22, 2017

D&M Survey : Do You Wish That DLP Walt Disney Studios Tower of Terror Will Be Transformed in a Guardians of Galaxy ride?

I've added on Disney and more today a new survey, and an important one as the question for this one is : do you wish that the Walt Disney Studios Tower of Terror will be transformed in a Guardians of Galaxy ride, similar to the one at DCA? Apparently the final choice has not been done yet in the big WDS Placemaking, so it is now or never to let DLP know what is your favorite choice!

Go ahead, place your answer NOW, the survey is on the top of the right column AND you can add your comments below! ( but definitely VOTE  to tell your choice )

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J'ai ajouté en haut de la colonne de droite de Disney and more un nouveau sondage, et un particulièrement important puisque la question est: est-ce que vous souhaitez que la Tour de la Terreur des Walt Disney Studios soit transformée en une attraction Guardians of Galaxy, similaire à celle de Disney California Adventure? Apparemment, le choix final de DLP n'a pas encore été fait, et c'est donc le moment ou jamais de leur faire savoir quel est votre choix préféré!

Allez-y, placez votre réponse MAINTENANT, le sondage est en haut de la colonne de droite sur Disney and more et vous pouvez ajouter vos commentaires ci-dessous (mais surtout votez pour dire votre choix!)

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Pierre Peeters said...


the answer is NO, no doubt about it. It is a great attraction as it is and the new version will cost a lot of money. This money could and should be used on expantion of this 'small' park, new rides, new lands,... That is what is really needed here.


Anonymous said...


Put GoG in RnRC


Anonymous said...

No. Don't change Tower of Terror.

Niels Reinhard said...

The Tower is a perfect immersion and in contrast to America the "old Hollywood theme" is exotic and exciting for Europeans. It's the favourite attraction of most people I know loving Disneyland Paris - from first timers to people coming every year. The whole apperance makes the skyline complete. I personally think that Disney should spend the money for extentions and whole new attractions to really improve the park.

Roel said...


Roel said...


Anonymous said...

No, I love the Tower of Terror just as it is and I would be very disappointed if they changed it. I'd rather like to see some new rides instead of changing classics.

Anonymous said...

God NO, a wrongheaded movement like that would make the park even more disjointed: the Tower of Terror is the closest thing to the park icon, like Disneyland Castle or Epcot Sphere, like those is the very first thing you see when you enter the actual park and perfect representation of the park themes. Adding a Sci-Fi overlay like in DCA would ruin the classic Hollywood environment and would need to refurbish the adjacent streets AGAIN.
Besides that the ride is barely ten years old, is one of the two truly thrillrides in the park (the other being Aerosmith) and one of the few in the whole resort with a spooky or scary theme, so it will be a lost in diversity. Meanwhile there is already a lot of Sci-Fi rides and there will more with the future Star Wars additions, a franchise which is the clear inspiration behind the Guardians films, it will too much 80´s space opera. And i don´t know if the GotG franchise is really as strong as the Lucas one.
If the executives fear that the Twilight Zone is too old or obscure, they shouldn´t be worried, after 60 year the TV Show iconography ( the Theme Song, the titles or Rod Serling´s face) still being recognize even by people who have never seen a single episode. If is a problem with the rights to the show i´m sure they could find a more fitting property to the "mistery in golden age Hollywood" in the now immense Disney library or even create an original storyline like in Tokyo!!!

Do you know which WDS ride is up for a re-theming or even a total rebuilt?
That movie is semi-forgotten now and the ride has always been pretty lame. The film, at least in Europe, is mostly remember as a joke, as the worst example of Hollywood excess and american neopotism. I doubt anyone goes into the ride because of the name or that it sells any merchandising. And its considered a one-and-done type of ride, nobody repeats, there isn´t anything interesting to it. First in the preshow there is too much talking and exposition, not a good thing with the international multilingual guests of Paris. Then the ride itself is really boring and pedestrian, just you standing on a room looking at a tube with some fire meanwhile half the show happens on your back.
Is a ride nobody would cry over, and probably cheaper to restylized to a new franchise.

So if Disney executives are really reading this, please leave the Tower of Terror alone, do whatever you want with Armageddon and bring back Cinemagic!!!

Wayne Nemec said...

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is an amazing attraction that never should have been changed in Disney California Adventure. It was always a fan favorite. The Guardians of The Galaxy Mission Breakout is not a bad attraction, but it is nothing more than a sticker placed on top of the previous ride. Disney don't get ride of rides that already receive huge crowds and popularity. Instead come up with new ideas and experiences.

Oliver o said...


Oliver o said...


R. vdBurg said...

I would strongly advise against a GoG retheme for the Tower of Terror. It seems that Americans in general do not seem to understand how attractive and exotic a romanticized Golden age Hollywood theme is to us Europeans. And if you live in California (like most of the decision makers regarding the future of DLP probably do) Hollywood might seem even more mundane. But it is for this very reason that I would like to stress the strength and potential of the Hollywood theme in a European context. The beautifully designed Art Deco façade of the current Tower is – even in it’s spooky ‘decayed state’ – simply more attractive to the European audience than the Collectors Fortress will ever be. The ‘Hollywood appeal’ the current ToT conveys speaks to a broader demographic than the Sci-Fi vibe the GoG tower conveys. More importantly, the current façade and Hollywood theme attracts a totally different demographic to the WDS park than the relatively narrow demographic of young thrill seekers that is attracted by the future Marvel offerings of the park. With the entire left side of the WDS turning into a Marvel zone and the possible future additions of Star Wars and/or Avatar later down the line, there will be plenty of attractions to attract the teens and young adults that are looking for thrilling experiences anyway. The Hollywood vibe on the other hand is attractive towards families and older guests. Even the guests that do not ride the ToT are enjoying the sight of the façade and it’s theme alone. An expanded Hollywood Avenue zone or Buena Vista street with the ToT as centerpiece would be perfect as WDS’s equivalent to Main Street. (Possibly leading up to a Graumans theatre façade?) Secondly, a major reason not to change the ToT is that it has become the de facto icon for the WDS. It is ‘the one image’ people associate with the WDS Park and is heavily used in advertising campaigns. Just like there are still plenty of people that use the Euro Disneyland name (well over 20 years after the name change) a change of the ToT will result in confusion with (potential) guests and a diluted brand image, not to mention disappointment with guests when it turns out the old Hollywood Tower Hotel is nowhere to be found... The ToT is a fan favorite and replacing it with GoG would be like a European “Sorcerers hat gate”. A final, very important argument against ‘messing up’ the façade of the ToT is the fact that it is currently used (successfully I might add) as the backdrop for the various projection based nighttime spectaculars in WDS. In order for the 2nd gate to become a full day park it needs a big nighttime show or parade. The ToT now serves as the host to these long awaited projection shows in WDS. The current façade lends itself remarkably well for these projection shows: The overall beige color of the tower almost acts like a silver screen & the current façade consists mostly of big uninterrupted ‘blocks’ on which large projections can easily be cast. Not to mention all the projection mapping needed for these shows on the current façade has already been done and all the projectors are already in place. The GoG façade is overall more red (which is harder to project clear images on) and breaks up the larger sections of the ToT façade with all kinds of weird shapes, which makes it harder to project big images. A second investment to remap the new façade would also have to be made.

In conclusion: While I concur that the GoG Tower is a strong attraction that could rival the existing ToT, it would be unwise for TWDC to invest in a retheme of the Paris Tower. Especially when there are so many other places in the WDS this money could go to. In case the Twilight Zone licensing deal is burdening the current version of the Tower, I'm sure the Imagineers can easily tweak the story and pre-show of the ride to exclude all references to the television show. (this actually would make sense as today's generation has no connection to the Twilight Zone show whatsoever)

Brandon said...

Again NO!

Anonymous said...

NO too !

Jones said...

No, no, and no again! Disney is very ill advised to add that Marvel nonsense to the parks. It waters down their unique brand. People go to Disney because they want Disney. When Islands of Adventure openend, it was in many ways superior to the disney parks. Spiderman was the most advanced ride in the world, from a technological point of view. Disney did not have anything comparable (even Imagineering admitted that frankly!)
And still, Islands attendance figures were a joke compared to Disney parks, because there is no match for the unique things Disney can offer. So any move that waters the Disney brand down, makes it more like Universal or all the other competetitors, is simply insane.

graysku11 said...

please no, leave it as it is , Disney sea version would be fine but not guardians. the tower changed to the collectors tower would be so ugly as an enternce point and easily distracting from frontierland

Thomas Streng said...

No, all my friends and i are loving the Tower of Terror like it is! A change would be sad :-(
Invest the money in new attractions

Randy Williams said...

An all new attraction!

Tom said...

No! No! No!

This is one of the few rides in WDS that has a heart and a charm of it's own.
Please do not touch it.

I have nothing against Marvel in the parks, but why not build a new attraction in WDS instead of re-theming one of the best or maybe the best attraction in the whole park?!