Monday, September 25, 2017

Original 1992 Disneyland Paris Fun Map In Hyper Resolution !

I've got a great "one more thing" for you tonight! You probably know the original Disneyland Paris fun map, released in 1992 at park opening and hard to find now. Well, i've got good news for you as i've found on the web a perfect scan 10000px large (!) of this DLP fun map, simply by doing a Google Images search with "Disneyland Paris fun map" as keywords. Jump HERE to download it.

Now, interestingly the map was showing some "future attractions" which were not yet built at that time, back in 1992. In Discoveryland what was still named "Discovery Mountain" is there - but not the Nautilus outside as it was supposed to be inside Discovery Mountain. You can also see the transparent tubes linking Discovery mountain to Videopolis as well as a "future restaurant" which would have been located in front of the Constellations shop, at the entrance of Discoveryland.

In Fantasyland the two "future attractions" were "one themed on "Beauty and the Beast" and the other on "The Little Mermaid"...

But a closer look at the high-res scan of the original DLP fun map also reveal that in DLP Adventureland was already envisioned as "future attraction" something looking very much like two Indiana Jones attractions. Not only you can see a perfect "Indy" Asian temple but also a coaster with mine carts AND also some troop vehicles like the ones in Indiana Jones Adventure! Click on the pictures to see all this clearly!

Pictures: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Alain, I believe the jeep ride pictured on the map was not the Indy ride that we are familiar with from California and Japan, but the "Jungle Exploration" ride that would have been unique to DLP. Although probably using the same ride technology, the style of the ride would have been less Indy and more a sort of "Jungle Cruise on land" (It also featured show scenes from the animated Jungle Book movie!)

There was an amazing write-up of it on an old DLP fan site under a section labeled "The F Files" (which also featured detailed descriptions of the other unbuilt rides on this map: Discovery Mountain, the Geyser ride, the Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast). Unfortunately, the site is no longer online ... but I managed to copy the articles on my computer before they disappeared! (If you are interested in reading them, I can send them by email).

Pierre Peeters said...


I am surely interested in reading them!

Pierre Peeters said...

Hi Alain,

This is really great, thank you! I do have a question about it, do you (or anybody else) know the size and the exact location of the B&B attraction? It seems to me that there is so little space at the indicated location? Or am I missing something?
And to come back to our ideas about the future of DLP: I think this map from 25 years ago shows us quite an amazing future . I say yes to a B&B and LMM attraction for Fantasyland, the LMM attraction would finally fill in the large amount of space there. And an Indiana Jones and ‘La Jungle Inexploree’ attraction as indicated on the map would be fantastic for Adventureland! May I add a new area with a Grizzly River Run attraction (or this ride with a Grand Canyon theming!) for Frontierland (and I still am a fan of the Geyser Mountain too). And my personal favorite would be an addition of the Journey to the Center of the Earth (or the complete Mysterious Island from TDS) for Discoveryland. For me Discoveryland really needs to be re-imagined as a steampunk vision of the future (as it once was). Now it is difficult to find a relation between this original idea with it’s steampunk facades, Buzz Lightyear and the Star Wars additions.


DisneyACE said...

When looking at this map the one thing I do not see that I thought was initially planned for a later phase is where Splash Mountain would have gone? I thought a expansion pad had been set aside for that before the oark opened in '92

DisneyACE said...

One of the things missing in the map that I recall there being a expansion pad saved for was Splash Mountain. I thought that was planned for a later expansion.

Octav' said...

On this map, the rear part of Fantasyland with Storybook Land and Casey Junior does not appear because it was not envisioned back then. But as soon as it was, I remember they also intended to replicate the Matterhorn right behind Fantasyland Station to complete this area.

Xavier said...

B&B was a theater attraction with audio-animatronics as far as I know.
It wasn't supposed to be dark ride.