Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What Would You Expect of an Indiana Jones Adventure Ride at Disneyland Paris Adventureland ?

Here is an important post about one of Disney’s most beloved ride, Indiana Jones Adventure. 

As we know the ride has been envisioned for Disneyland Paris Adventureland since years - and the land to build it was always kept - and i’d like to know “what would you expect of an Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland Paris Adventureland?”. 

I’m not asking you if you would like to have IJA coming at DLP because obviously the answer is "yes!" ( and so far the ride has been chosen at 87% in D&M surveys as the ride you would like to see coming to DLP ) but what kind of Indiana Jones Adventure ride would you like?

- Exactly the same ride than the beloved original one at Disneyland? 

- Or would you like the same ride but with changes of some scenes? 

- If yes, in which scenes would you like to see changes? 

- Also, would you like the same kind of ride vehicles ( the jeep mounted on a simulation platform ), or different track vehicles? 

- And what about a totally new kind of Indiana Jones ride with less “real decors” but projection effects like in Universal Spiderman or Transformers ride? 

- Or another kind of Indiana Jones ride going both indoor AND outdoor?

- Last but not least, the queue decor of Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland is awesome as we know and a big part of the thrill because the queue seems to never end ( mostly because they needed to bring the guests up to the show building on Disneyland parking lot ) but would you definitely want the queue decor to be as long, let’s say, than in the DisneySea version,  or eventually it won’t be a problem if it was shorter?

- Any others ideas not listed here are welcome in your comments!

Editing: Some of the comments posted here, or on the D&M Facebook page, reminded me the amazing artwork of Imagineer Bryan Jowers done for Disneyland Indiana Jones Adventure ride - the artwork below - showing the incredible scene of two Indy rides ( the jeeps of IJA and the trains from the Temple du Péril, with the Jungle Cruise boats passing in the background as well as the DL railroad. The scene on the artwork is obviously huge and just like this would cost a fortune but IF it could be done at DLP for a more reasonable cost and a smaller size though keeping the DLP Railroad and Jungle Cruise boats passing by ( yes, i know, this would mean to also build a Jungle Cruise ride ), would you like to have this at DLP?

Thanks by advance for your answers and please say exactly what you have in mind! 

Picture: copyright Disney


Tom said...

I would want a ride with the same ride vehicles, the same decors (no screens please!), but if Imagineering has updates on new effects, that would be great of course. And let's keep it inside, going outside would spoil the effect of being in a temple and needing to escape.

The queue in Tokyo was for me just as nice as the one in Anaheim, so I really don't care if it is long or not so long, as long as it looks good.

I would not change too much on the attraction, as it is almost perfect and needs no big alterations for Paris!
If they build a copy of the ride, the Europeans will not believe what they see, as this wil be the best darkride on the European continent!

I prefer the "3 rooms" in the beginning of Anaheim and the "ball blowing statue (instead of the rats) in Tokyo. But of course, Paris could get something new on some places. But please: no (extra) screens!

Anonymous said...


It sounds like the idea of a Indiana Jones darkride actually still exist. I have not believed in it any more. I prefer the same ride white the same effects and story-line they used in Anaheim. They could add some new effects like they use in Tokyo DisneySea ore some wall-mappings. They should not take a different ride-vehicle. They should not do something new, because the original Indy attraction ist the best darkride in the world. If they build this attraction i would definitely go every year to DLP. So the should stay indoor. The only one they can do different is the queue, that don't be that heavy themed like the do in Tokyo and Anaheim.

Sorry for my english :-)

Kevin said...

hope there is a jungle scene that the vehicle can run inside and outside the building (or maybe just a fake Jungle that's inside)(like 2008's scene) and maybe can involved with the water. like run into the mud or the river that the vehicle get stuck or splash a bit of water on the passenger. and make it more like tokyo disneysea Journey to the Center of the Earth. maybe just have a peek outside. but run into more unique scene. I don't want the project like the Spider-man ride or POTC in Shanghai. that just less detail that you can see from time to time.

Anonymous said...

A Indy 2.0 would be great. Not exactly the same ride than US and Tokyo. A modern version with the latest technological innovations. New vehicles with a geolocalized guidance as in Ratatouille. The scenes would mix animatronics and real scenes with video mapping to make the experience even more immersive. No 3D glasses, this could spoil the immersion.
For the French version the storyline should take into account the Temple of Peril, to create a sort of Indy-land.

Célian Carmin said...

Personally, I would prefer the ride to be like the original at Disneyland, but with significant changes based on the version in Tokyo DisneySea (such as the tornado or the laser lights).

I would also like to see different versions of the many scenes (just like the three doors at the beginning) to make the adventure quite random and to make sure it would take many rides for guests to see everything. And of course, I would also like the ride to be both indoor and outdoor.

I think we could benefit from a covered queueline as long as the ones in the other parks since it can be cold and rainy in Europe.

And lastly, the ride needs to be made with real decors, not projection effects which would definitely lessen the experience.

Zaphirato William said...

I'd like a similar version of the Indiana Jones ride than in the other theme park,with a somewhat different story and setting. Make it original ! Have it tie in with our existing ride in DLP. Concerning technology, I think its a no brainer to keep the same ride vehicules,but i say no to 3D projecions like in a transformers ride,keep the real sets and props! It's much more convincing and doesn't make you feel like your in a video game. I also say yes to a long, detail-filled,queueline.Onething would be to somehow tie the whole ride the S.E.A. association which can be found in numerous disney parks and rides, most notably Tokyo's TOT and Mistyc Manor.Also it would be a great occasion to revamp the whole Colonel Hati's pizzeriaand revert it back to it's original explorer's clb theme, maybe call it the skipper's cantina like the jungle cruise related restaurant in WDW.

graysku11 said...

I would love to have an Indiana ride at paris it would make it feel more complete and give more substance to Adventureland which is very much needed. Riding it in Tokyo was one of my fav memories there. I would like the ride to be similar but not the same. Top quality theming is needed and story. Could the temple be in shangrila and look a bit like the temple in the jungle book new movie with a yetilike god (expedition Everest ) ? Or how about a feel and look of cave of wonders with the big cat face. Or it could be a temple of a sea witch (Ursula) and have an atlantis type feel. Keep the jeep system as paris does not have one yet. An outdoor section would be great. The water, fire and smoke on raging spirits adds more atmosphere. Projector can be added but the main thing needs to remain real with sets and animatronics. It makes it feel more grounded and real. A large chamber would be great with mine trains going through like temple of doom this could be the rollercoaster re routed through the space also adding to the original ride experience. The inside queue area is magical and adds the anticipation and feels like an experience in itself it is full of wonder and excitement, something similar in scale and quality would be great. If another system was used I would use a watercoaster like flying Dutchman at eftelin, this could give a river sequence then a rollercoaster dark minetype sequence with a big water finish.

R. vdBurg said...

Seeing as the Paris resort will need a tremendous amount of investments I would advise to build a clone of the Anaheim version. By eliminating R&D costs to plus the existing ride, there's more money to go to other projects around DLP. Sure, the original IJA is decades old but it is still one of the most revered darkrides ever built and there is nothing like it in Europe. There is no need to make extra costs, it will be popular regardless. Technology has been progressing over the years and should there be effects/techniques in the original IJA that could be done better, more cost efficient or maintenance friendly I would implore the Imagineers to include these improvement in the Paris version. (The rumored next generation EMV's?)

Investments in new scenes seem to be redundant at this point in time: Plussing is great and all, but the Paris Resort is still in it's "reboot phase". As long as we're talking about bringing established high-quality Disney rides to Paris, it's quantity over added quality after the 20 year drought we suffered. Resources that are saved by not redesigning the ride should be spend on properly theming the zone around the new IJA & the existing Temple of Peril coaster. I’d like this area of Adventureland to break off into a Indiana Jones miniland. Indiana Jones connects with multiple generations and the reboot of the movie franchise is sure to keep the IP relevant for years to come. Creating an entire new Indiana Jones miniland with this first expansion since '95 would fully leverage the investment in this part of the resort, add perceived value to the expansion ánd create the synergy corporate Disney has come to love recently. After all, only one new attraction (high budget investment) is needed to complement the already existing Temple of Peril coaster, while the PR department can promote the opening of a 'brand new miniland' rather than 'one new ride'. 2 attractions is a bit on the low side to round out an entire land - even a miniland - so the 2 E-tickets most likely would have to be joined by a souvenir shop and a meet and greet location in the land (Disneyland Paris probably also still has the Indiana Jones inspired Chip and Dale rescue Rangers costumes laying around which would fit this new miniland as well). The (relatively) minor additions to round out the miniland would require a smaller investment and the money would come straight out of the budget not used on the extra R&D for IJA. As for the synergy, the creation of a Indiana Jones miniland would create cross promotion opportunities with the new movies as well as the added opportunity to sell more merchandise related to the IP.

The creation of a miniland would also reduce the need to have the huge queue area the Anaheim version of the ride has. After all, one of the main reasons to have this large que in the Paris version (where there is no need to transport guests almost a mile to the parking lot like in California) would be theming and immersion. The US-version of the queue does an amazing job at gradually setting the scene for the IJA and slowly immerse the guests into the world of Indiana Jones. But a miniland, smaller in size but themed with the same quality we see at Pandora and the Star Wars Lands, would already take care of a large part of the theming and immersion needs in the lead up to the IJA. A big, immersive and well themed queue is always nice of course, as it is an important part of the overall ride experience, but in a well themed miniland the size of the queue would be dictated solely by the need for queue capacity.

Finally, I do not believe the Indiana Jones IP lends itself to heavy use of screens in it's themepark attractions. The IP is set in the 1940's: an era associated in our collective mind as a 'screenless era'. The IP also mostly takes place in technology free decors, such as jungles and temples of ancient civilizations. It would break the retro-esque, explorative & adventurous theme of Indiana Jones to rely on screens.

Wayne Nemec said...

I believe that bringing the Indiana Jones Adventure to DLP would be amazing. I personally enjoy how the one at Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are based off of different subjects. I would also like the one at DLP to be based off a different sacred artifact. Maybe something Egyptian? Having the railroad go through would be amazing as well. Also adding the Jungle Cruise to DLP I think is a good idea. It would be cool to have the boats go through the show building and have new scenes added to the ride that would make this version of the Jungle Cruise unique. I think that the Indiana Jones Adventure could work similar to the one in DisneySea and Disneyland, but it would be nice to see a different track footprint. Disney should not just keep copying and pasting their rides in different locations. That is something Universal does a lot, and seeing a variety of differences between each park is what makes them all special. Practical sets and audio-animatronics are what should be used in the new Indiana Jones Adventure. Mostly because that is the look and feel of the Indiana Jones franchise.

Andreas Seltenheim said...

I really loved the Indiana Jones Ride at Tokyo Sea, but I would love to see a completley different version of it in Paris.

As in POTC they should build a queue that makes you feel like you´re somewhere tropical. Especially in winter it´s very nice to escape the cold weather outside and feel like you´re not in france anymore. The place between the rollercoaster and the ride should be rethemed as a south american village or something like that, with a new restaurant and a shop where you can buy nice things from around the world. when you exit the village in the back you´ll get into the queue, which leads you in the deep jungle where you can only see the top of the temple far away. (like they did the beauty and the the beast castle in fantasyland at disneyworld) Then you´ll enter a cave with a preshow inside and when you leave the cave, I can imagine a nightscene in the middle of the jungle where the vehicles are loaded and after that you are ready to enter the Temple.

The vehicles can stay the same, maybe a different colour. A drop would be nice, something that nobody, even those who already know Indiana Jones Adventure, expects.
I´m not sure if thats possible with the ride system but i´m thinking about moving the floor with the car on it like a freefall tower, i saw something similar on a rollercoaster once and it would be an awesome detail that never was before in any disney park. Like a temple collapse. This would be VERY thrilling :D
In my opinion a singularity like this would attract disney fans from around the world to see the new indie ride.

It would also be nice to include the Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril to the storyline, maybe just in some details to make the new indiana jones land experience harmonious!

I also would prefer if they´ll take one of the older classic indie movies with Harrison Ford and not with a new actor.

If they should build it, they should do something unique like they did on BTM, POTC or Space Mountain. That´s what makes Disneyland Paris so magical!

Captain EO said...

Firstly thanks for your amazing blog/website – truly up there with the best theme park & entertainment news & features & always with a wonderfully positive tone which is very much appreciated.

In terms of Indiana Jones at DLP … YES !!! Any new Indy addition would be hugely welcomed by me. I find it so frustrating that it falls under the Lucasfilm banner & in my opinion the second best movie franchise after Star Wars hasn’t been developed by Disney for over a decade & it fits SO perfectly with theme parks & in particular Adventureland.
In terms of “perfect” addition it would make absolute sense to clone the existing Indy Adventure from Anaheim & Tokyo & simply tweak a few scenes. My dream ride would be a fully immersive mine-cart ride lifted straight from Temple of Doom BUT considering DLP already has the Temple of Peril I can understand why Imagineering wouldn’t want to do this. With this in mind wouldn’t it be amazing if they somehow re-imagined Temple of Peril & put riders in mine carts whizzing around an elaborately themed mine from the Temple of Doom which also at some point breaks into a separate e-ticket such as IJA … similar to the wonderful attraction art you posted ?
Considering cost I’d be more than happy if we were to get a reboot of the Anaheim/Tokyo ride with some fresh new scenes. The Tokyo version was a bit of a blur to me BUT I seem to remember that the bridge scene in Anaheim was far more impressive but that may be just me being confused from being so excited at finally being in Tokyo DisneySea !
Outdoor/indoor portion would be incredible. I love idea of beginning outside in a jungle setting, a little like the new King Kong ride in Universal & entering a temple but interior queue portions would work fantastically – Japan queue is fantastic but I do prefer the Anaheim labyrinth of passageways.
I’d LOVE to see a Jungle Cruise form part of an Indy mini-land in Paris but can’t ever see this happening – Hong Kong’s River Cruise was interesting but compared to the two U.S. Parks it didn’t have that same wonderfully nostalgic feeling. I could just about live without a Jungle Cruise but it’s one of my staple rides whenever in the States & I love riding this at night but guess modern day visitors may crave something different.
Please, as little use of screens as possible & tell Rocket & Co, to stay the hell away from the Tower of Terror. There’s way too little genuine story & mood in that park alone so let’s leave the Guardians of the Galaxy to have their own space and ADD to a park in desperate need of attention rather than replacing.
Sorry for rambling & keep up the good work !