Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tokyo Disney Resort : Videos of Amazing Japanese Man Dressed Like Famous "Partners" and "Storytellers" Statues

Watch these videos showing a Japanese man filmed last Summer at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea when he was there, dressed and make-up all in copper color, like the famous "Partners" statue of Walt Disney holding the hand of Mickey Mouse. The man was holding a Mickey Mouse of the same copper color when a "real" Mickey saw him!

He was back a few days later, this time imitating the other statue - "Storytellers" - that one can see at Disney's California Adventure and Tokyo DisneySea.

Talking about the "Partners" statue, there is speculation regarding Disney’s hand in the sculpture, which is raised outward. Many believe his arm is raised as if he is showing Mickey what has come of his dream. WDI sculptor Blaine Gibson who did the statue said, “I chose to depict Walt as he was in 1954. I think that was when Walt was in his prime. It was tough trying to match the media image of Walt Disney, the one the public knows, to the real Walt, the one we knew. I think Walt is admiring the park and saying to Mickey, ‘Look what we’ve accomplished together,’ because truly they were very much a team through it all. ‘Look at all the happy people who have come to visit us today.’”

Videos: copyright Atsushi hyuma, Yamato Style

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