Tuesday, June 12, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Comcast Makes a $65 Billion Offer for 21st Century Fox, Starting Bidding War with Disney

BREAKING NEWS: That's it! Comcast makes a $65 billion offer for 21st Century Fox, setting up bidding war with Disney: Comcast made a stunning $65 billion bid Wednesday in what is expected to be the first of many attempts to buy up pieces of the entertainment world in the wake of AT&T’s decisive legal victory over the government to buy Time Warner.

The offer sets up a battle of wills between two of the most dominant and deep-pocketed entertainment companies in the world — Walt Disney and Comcast, the nation’s leading cable company which already owns Universal Studios and NBC. Comcast’s offer is about 19 percent higher than what Disney offered earlier this year. In two words, the battle has began and it's going to be bloody!
Read the full article on The Washington Post HERE.

Yesterday, AT&T and Time Warner finally got the green light for their $85 billion merger they were waiting for since 2016! Trump Dept of Justice tried to block the merger but yesterday the federal judge decided to approve the deal between the telecom and media giants.

This was what Comcast was waiting for to submit its own bid to buy 21st Century Fox. Read the CNN article HERE.

...BUT, don't go away yet as according to the New York Times, Comcast’s Pursuit of Fox Will Face Hurdles, Despite AT&T’s Victory. Read the N.Y Times article HERE.

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