Sunday, June 10, 2018

Summer of Marvel Super Heroes Season Debut at DLP Walt Disney Studios, FULL Video Report, Including Marvel Super Heroes United Stunt Show

The "Summer of Marvel Super Heroes" season started yesterday at DLP Walt Disney Studios and we have a full video report for you thanks to Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster.

The opening happened this week-end with a short opening show in front of DLP WDS entrance.

The main show of this "Summer of Marvel Super Heroes" is of course the brand new "Marvel Super Heroes United" stunt show and giant statues are now in place on the plaza in front of the former Cinemagique theatre as you'll see in this video filmed by Mulderville on June 8.

And now, here is the full "Marvel Super Heroes United" stunt show, filmed by Max in 4K for D&M!

Unfortunately, as enjoyable as the show can be,  it didn't took long to have a technical problem as you'll see in the short video below.

Right in front of the Tower of Terror there is also a new outdoor show "Stark Expo", playing several times a day.

Guests seems to have really enjoyed the new stunt show, which will be for sure highly popular all along the Summer of Marvel Super Heroes season!

Picture by Robert Stallard

Videos: copyright DLP Welcome, Mulderville, Disney

1 comment:

Gert said...

Terrible show, is this what we have been waiting for????
The end battle is so poorly choreographed that it looks like the cast of Winnie the Pooh who have all smoked weed. Some of the actors on stage are just standing there, counting down until they can do their thing. I ve seen better shows in a local theatre with better choreography then this.
Where is the high energy? Where are all these special effects? Seriously, a Drone of 200 euro’s makes all Avengers turn on eachother, wauw....
Close it down, rethink the whole show and give us real Disney magic.