Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Disneyland Paris Thinking to Change the Name of the WDS, Adding Photovoltaic Panels on the Top of the Visitor Parking...

A new Forbes article reveal that Disneyland Paris has “initiated the steps to develop a park of photovoltaic panels on the top of the visitor parking to generate 33 Gigawatt hours (Gwh) per year representing around 15% of the electrical energy currently consumed".

Also, it appears that DLP is seriously thinking about changing the name of its second park, the "Walt Disney Studios":
"The consultation documents state that “it is still a theme park based on Disney films and franchises, therefore, the name Studios is still valid. But it is true that we are transforming the Walt Disney Studios Park, it is possible that we consider another name, but we have not made any decision at this stage.”

And there is more about WDS expansion:
 "Giving further insight into what lies in store once work begins in December next year, the documents add that “the extensions won’t be completely paved; just one-third of the surface will be covered with a slab. After that, many gardens, trees and plants will be added.”

Read the full Forbes article HERE.

Picture: copyright Disney

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