Sunday, January 21, 2018

Paul Bocuse, The Legendary French Chef Dies at 91

Paul Bocuse, the legendary French chef credited with transforming French cuisine, has died at age 91, France interior minister announced Saturday. But for Disney fans Paul Bocuse is also the one who had two restaurants at Disney World, including the famous Epcot France pavilion restaurants "Les Chefs de France" and "Monsieur Paul", ruled by his son and serving 1500 guests per day.

Paul Bocuse, right, with chefs Gaston Lenôtre et Roger Vergé, at Epcot.

Paul Bocuse was also the one who served as inspiration for the Auguste Gusteau character in Pixar's animated movie Ratatouille.

More about Paul Bocuse in English on CNN HERE or in French on Libération HERE and don't miss the great short documentary below ( in French ).

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Auguste Gusteau said...

"Anyone can cook... but no one cooks like Monsieur Paul!"
- Auguste Gusteau