Friday, April 18, 2014

Wizarding World of Harry Potter will open on July 15 at Universal Studios Japan!

A great news for all our friends in Japan as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will open on July 15 at Universal Studios Japan! You can expect exactly the same than the Harry Potter first part at Islands of Adventure, including the E+ Ticket  ride "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" as the text below will confirm you:

"Hogwarts castle is an iconic feature of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Inside Hogwarts castle you'll explore the classrooms and corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, including Dumbledore's Office and the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom. Moving portraits and the Sorting Hat may speak to you as you journey through the castle. You’ll also enjoy the world’s best attraction, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, featuring cutting-edge 4K imaging technology. Get ready to embark on a magical journey through the skies, flying above the Hogwarts grounds with Harry Potter.
You can also fly through the skies on the ride Flight of the Hippogriff, a family-friendly rollercoaster that swoops and dives past Hagrid’s hut"

More on Universal Studios Japan website HERE.

Picture: copyright Universal Studios

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Disneyland Paris Update : Indy Temple, IASW Celebration, Spiderman at WDS , and more...

We're back at Disneyland Paris and this time it's with Max Fan weekly pictorial report about  DLP and WDS. Dozens of pictures today thanks to Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. Before having a look at the works at the Ratatouille ride let's go to Disneyland park.

As you can see on the pictures above and below the sky as 100% blue for DLP celebration of the 50th Anniversary of It's a Small world. A conference about IASW happened at Videopolis and Max had the good idea to film it entirely, please note that most of it is in french language.

On Town Square the signs on Main Street Photography have been removed and works on the new shop are still going on.

In Adventureland too, the works are still going on, but it's on the Indiana Jones temple always in refurbishment and being rebuilt all in real stone.

Spring is also arrived in Frontierland with beautiful flowers on the trees!

Let's move to the Walt Disney Studios where Spiderman is expected to arrive April 19 at the Backlot where is the Blockbuster Cafe. It has been announced officially with the visual below, it will be a meet and greet with Spidey and they're currently finishing the photo location. From April 19 WDS guests will be able to meet Spidey each day from 10.45 am till 4.30 pm at the Spiderman photo location in front of the exit of the Rock and Roller Coaster.

Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield was at DLP WDS recently and met some children at the Blockbuster Cafe.

Nearby, Crush Coaster reopened even if the works on a single rider line won't be totally finished before May. But it's a welcome addition.

O-kay, in the part two we'll move to the Ratatouille area to see what's new! If you've missed the article about the announcement of the Ratatouille opening for July 10 you'll find it HERE. In the meantime i remind you that, to celebrate Disneyland Paris 22nd Anniversary, i'm also doing a special offer price on the great Disneyland Paris "From Sketch to Reality" book - for both ENGLISH or FRENCH editions - and in addition to the special price valid until April 30 it also include a "surprise gift" that everyone who will order the book will receive, and believe me you will love it!  Thanks to this special offer you will save $50 on the normal price, so if you don't own the book yet i'm sure you don't want to miss it! Paypal and credit card payment are accepted, so make sure you to place your order now! 

You can use the Paypal button below for the english edition, and for orders of the french edition or for credit card payment please send me an email at:

Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality - Include shipping

Don't know yet the Disneyland Paris book? Have a look at the video below or on the book website HERE.

Pictures: copyright Max Fan - DLPWelcome, Disney

Captain America, The Winter Soldier Short Review - Plus : Final Trailer of X-Men, Days of Future Past

Just saw Captain America, The Winter Soldier, today and the movie is truly fantastic. The quality of the script is amazing for a super-hero movie and if we except the opening "hostages rescue" sequence which is not specially interesting, all the rest is perfect, really.
All the actors are excellent and the good news is that the great Robert Redford don't have a small role but is present all along the movie. So, if you've not seen it yet i strongly recommend it to you!

And the next super-hero movie to come that should be excellent should be X-Men, Days of Future Past ( to be released May 23 ) by what i can judge from the new awesome final trailer!

Picture and video: copyright Fox

Leading Ladies and Femmes Fatales : The Art of Marc Davis, a New Exhibit at The Walt Disney Family Museum Starting April 30

The Walt Disney Family Museum announced a great Marc Davis Exhibit!
On view from April 30 to November 3, Leading Ladies and Femmes Fatales: The Art of Marc Davis spotlights some 70 original pencil animation drawings, conceptual artwork, paintings, cels, and photographs from animator and Imagineer Marc Davis.

Co-curated by the museum’s director of collections and exhibitions, Michael Labrie, and animator Andreas Deja, the exhibition features pieces from Davis’ personal collection, Walt Disney Imagineering, and the Walt Disney Family Foundation’s collection. Leading Ladies and Femmes Fatales highlights Davis’ female characters in film—such as Peter Pan’s Tinker Bell, Sleeping Beauty’s title heroine Aurora and its villain Maleficent, and One Hundred and One Dalmatian’s Cruella de Vil—as well as in live entertainment and fine art.

Picture: copyright Disney

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Official : WDS Ratatouille Ride Will open on July 10 ! Plus: Awesome WDI Video Showing Ride Inside Decor !

It's official, the highly awaited WDS Ratatouille ride will open on July 10. The "Chez Remy" restaurant, close to the attraction, will also open on July 10. No news for now if soft-openings will happen before July 10 ( probably ) but i will let you know.

But there is more as DLP released this great Video showing for the first time the inside of the ride with stunning views of the gigantic decors that await WDS guests. I remind you that riders are supposed to be reduced at the size of a rat, and move in a kitchen, so this explain why everything has to be huge from oranges to cheese or hams, etc... The attraction will have a trackless ride system and in addition to these huge decors each scene will have 3D immersive 3D projections ( like in the Spiderman or Transformers ride ). The ride will include too cold / heat / scents effects depending of the scenes.

On most of the shots of the video you'll see Imagineers, painters, sculptors... giving the final touch on each set and i did HD screen captures of the most interesting shots for you. Click on each to see them in big size!

Let's start with shots showing painters working on what seems to be Paris rooftops. Note: In the background of the second picture below you can see the loading / unloading platform as the start of the ride happen on Paris rooftops.

The video then shows decors of giant food which most probably are part of the scene inside the restaurant storeroom... 

Others sequences shows the arrival of giant kitchen props...

And this next picture shows what is most probably a giant wheel of the on wheels table for a scene of the ride supposed to happen under it.

A last picture with this shot of the moment they have fixed the Gusteau's sign.

If there is a logic somewhere these shots of the awesome decors of the ride should help those of you who still had some doubts to be sure that the Ratatouille ride is going to be a real E-Ticket attraction which for sure will become an instant classic!

Pictures and video: copyright Disney, Max Fan

Port Aventura " Angkor, Adventure in the Lost Kingdom " Now Open !

Although you still have to wait a few months before Disneyland Paris WDS Ratatouille ride will open , Spain Port Aventura already opened its new attraction: Angkor, Adventure in the Lost Kingdom and i have videos for you of the full ride as well as opening celebrations.

Although the Angkor decor looks good to me i have to say that i'm a bit disappointed by the theming. The big mistake for me is the lack of vegetation theming. And it's strange that they did this mistake because they have the room to add exotic vegetation, even if it would have been simply bamboos and it was not that difficult or expensive to do. Instead we have a slow interactive raft ride which is as far as the Jungle Cruise as it can be and much more a "splash battle" between riders and guests outside.

Located in the "Asia" part of Port Aventura i don't like also the fact that it's so close to the roller coasters that the feeling to be immersed in a  far away world is impossible, so there is a real problem of visual intrusion, here. But young guests, teens, and anyone who like to get wet will have fun with this ride who should be popular with Port Aventura guests. Below,  the videos and let me know what you think in the comments!

A short video of the ride filmed probably ( because of the water splash ) with a Go Pro camera.

A longer video showing the making-of, the opening celebration and on-ride video with famous VIPs.

Some official artwork and making-of pictures. As you can see from the videos the ride don't really have the kind of Jungle Cruise lush vegetation that you can see on the renderings below!

Pictures: copyright Port Aventura

Monday, April 14, 2014

Opening Date of WDS Ratatouille Ride To Be Announced Tomorrow April 15 ?

From what i've been told we should know officially tomorrow April 15 the opening date of the highly awaited WDS Ratatouille ride. I have a little idea of it but i've promised to keep it secret until tomorrow ( and also i could be wrong ). Also, i remind you that a press event is rumored for June 21 ( also to be confirmed ).
Stay tuned on Disney and more for more news tomorrow!

Picture: copyright Disney