Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beautiful Picture of WDW Magic Kingdom Swan Boat And Cinderella Castle

Disney Parks has posted this beautiful shot showing the top of the famous and longtime extinct WDW Magic Kingdom Swan Boats, with Cinderella castle in the background. The picture was shot shortly after WDW MK opening, and the Swan Boats ride didn't lasted a long time, unfortunately.

Picture: copyright Disney
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Monday, July 28, 2014


The first trailer for The Hobitt The Battle of the Five Armies has been released and i remind you that this will be the very last movie of the Middle Earth saga!The Battle of the Five Armies will be released December 17!

Picture and video: copyright Warner

Haunted Mansion 45th Anniversary Collectible Items !

You've seen last Saturday some of the HaUnted Mansion 45th Anniversary items that will be available soon at DL and WDW but there is more to come, and these are the "collectible" items, original or limited edition pieces of art, sculptures, figurines and more that will materialize Aug. 16 at Disneyana on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland.

Let's start by the sculptures and figurines that will be available with these of Haunted Mansion Busts set and Caretake ( $95 each ).

Also available soon the Hitchhiking Ghosts with Gargoyles and the Organ Player with Organ ( $85 each ).

Some framed stained-glass items will also be released like these with Mrs Leota or the Duelists.

There'll be also this great Madame Leota wooden sign.

Let's have a look now at the artworks from different artists, which for the most - and including teh one at teh top of this article - will be on sale in Deluxe prints at $39.95.

And for those of you who love Mickey and the gang these two next ones will also be available in deluxe prints at $39.95.

Now, these are only a selection of what will be released, you can see many more collectible items with all the different prices on the Disney parks merchandise special page HERE. I also remind you that if you can't come to Disneyland most of these items should be available through Disneyland mail order service.

Pictures: copyright Disney

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Editor's note: The panel for Avengers : Age of Ultron happened last night at San Diego Comic Con and audience had the luck to watch a few minutes of the movie with an awesome scene. Jump to D&M Facebook page to read the description of what they saw!

Help "Jolly Jim's A - Z of Amazing Animals" Children Book Kickstarter Project !

James Trimm is a faithful Disney and more reader and an illustrator. He self-publish his first children's book, all about animals, and his project is currently on Kickstarter to find the funds to print it. Here is a description of the project and you're more than welcome to participate on Kickstarter and give him a little help. And it won't cost you a lot as from $5 donation / pledge you'll get the book once printed, and for $7 you'll even have a hand signed copy!

"Jolly Jim's A - Z of Amazing Animals" is a beautifully illustrated 60-page colour children's book, full of entertaining and educational sketches, poems and artwork about animals all over the world. Join Jim in discovering a hippopotamus in Africa, or even a Brush turkey in Australia....... and also help him to find all the exploration equipment he has lost (- or better said, the animals have pinched!:) whilst journeying round the globe.

Full of animation-inspired character designs and humorous animals, this book aims to teach children about animals all over the earth..... but, the exaggerated, extrovert and extremely extraordinary faces and expressions, will surely entertain big kids too! Head over to the kickstarter project now to read and discover more HERE.

And if you like what you see, make sure to share it with everybody!

Pictures: copyright James Trimm

High-Speed Train Will Connect Shanghaî Disneyland With Others Cities Rail and Shanghaî Pudong International Airport

Some news about Shanghaî Disneyland coming from China Shanghaî Daily:

Plans are in the works surrounding construction of a high-speed rail that would connect the new Shanghai Disneyland with other city rail and air hubs.
The new Shanghai East Railway Station will be built in Pudong, near Shanghai Disneyland, according to blue prints.

A high-speed link would be extended from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, passing through Shanghai East Railway Station and on to Pudong International Airport, said Guo Zhuxue, chief of Shanghai Railway Bureau.

This would provide a speedy link to Shanghai Disneyland, both for passengers on rail services that would otherwise terminate at Hongqiao and for visitors arriving at Pudong International Airport.

Above: China high-speed train

Hongqiao Railway Station is 35 kilometers from the Disneyland site, while Pudong airport is 10km from the resort. As China’s high-speed trains travel at up to 300 kilometers per hour, the distance could be covered within minutes.

Earlier this year, Shanghai transit authorities announced that Metro Line 11 will run a Disney-themed train on the subway extension taking visitors from Luoshan Road Station to Shanghai Disneyland, which has been under construction since October.

The theme park, which will feature Disney's largest theme park castle, is expected to open by the end of 2015.

Picture: copyright Disney

Text: Shanghaiist.com