Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Disneyland Paris Pictorial Update - Part Two : Phantom Manor Renovation

Here is the part two of the Disneyland Paris update, and this one is all about DLP Phantom Manor attraction, always on renovation until January 12, 2019 and not October 2018 as planned. The reason for this delay can only be technical and material. The outside is how to say… deplorable! ...and it’s perfect!! Here we have a house in a new, decorative decay which was not the case before. On the spot the difference is visible.

Although the works are progressing well outdoor, the finishes are being implemented at the level of the door and window frames, for instance.

A new photo point is build...

While we're there let's have a look too at  the geysers which are at a standstill… let's hope this is temporary and they will work again soon.

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If you've never seen the book before, don't miss the video below showing the full 320 pages of the book!

Pictures: copyright DLP Welcome, Disney

First Trailer and Poster for Marvel "Captain Marvel"

Marvel just released the first trailer and poster for Captain Marvel! There is also an Easter egg hiden in the poster, aster watching the trailer if you want to know which one, jump HERE.

Photo et video: copyright Marvel

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Photos : Hong Kong Disneyland Park After the Passage of Super Typhoon Mangkhut - Part Two

Here is the part two of the Hong Kong Disneyland article showing the aftermath of Super Typhoon Mangkhut, and this time we'll go inside the park. This article shows a mix of exclusive pictures shot by D&M contributor Diane Richmond, as well as new pictures from Hong Kong Main Street Gazette and also new pictures from Magic Post, showing the main lands of the park as they look today when the park reopened after the passage of the typhoon.

The good news is that the park is not as damaged as we may have feared, buildings are in good condition even if there were trees here and there which needed to have their branches cut, etc, but for the most the park looks surprisingly in good condition considering it was hit two days ago by the strongest typhoon ever recorded in Hong Kong!

HKDL maintenance team and cast members took a lot of time yesterday and today to cut and remove all broken trees or branches inside the park as well as to clean everything as well as possible to bring back the magic, and they did a great job so congrats to all of them!

According to Diane Jungle Cruise, Tarzan Tree House and HKDL Railroad were closed today which is not surprising as Adventureland is the land with the more trees and the vegetation all along the track is also the one which has the most suffered ( more about this below ). The good point however was the there was just a few guests in the park today, and even big rides had just a 5 minutes wait, and no wait at all for the shows. Diane did everything that was open in one day and some rides even multiple time, even saying that it was the "Best day ever" in a Disney theme park for her! She'll be back in the park tomorrow and will eventually end more pictures that i will add to this article in an editing.

If you've missed the part one of this report you can read it HERE.

These first pictures were shot on HKDL parking lot and bus station by Hong Kong Main Street Gazette.

On the other end of the promenade leading to the entrance of the park, more trees are down too. Photos Diane Richmond for D&M.

All leaves and branches were removed this morning in the part of the promenade between the train and bus station and HKDL entrance. Photos by Magic Post.

The park entrance look great also as well as Town Square and Main Street U.S.A. Even the Halloween theming seems to don't have suffer that much of the typhoon. Photos by Magic Post.

The entrance of Tomorrowland looks fine too... Photo Diane Richmond for D&M.

...but a closer look reveal that some trees had to be cut. Photos by Hong Kong Main Street Gazette

In Adventureland the situation is different. The access to Adventureland from Fantasyland was closed today and others trees were down in the part of the land near the rafts for Tarzan Tree House. Photos by Hong Kong Main Street Gazette.

Grizzly Gulch nearby don't look bad at first view... Photo Diane Richmond for D&M

...but a tree was down there also. Photo by Hong Kong Main Street Gazette.

The rest of the land look fine, as well as Mystic Manor nearby even if a palm tree suffered from the high winds. Photos by Magic Post.

Toy story Land from the entrance looks fine... Photo by Magic Post.

But the vegetation near Parachute Drop has suffered too. Photo by Hong Kong Main Street Gazette.

For HKDL Railroad track it's another problem. Fallen trees are still down on the track, and that's probably why the railroad was closed today... Photo by Hong Kong Main Street Gazette.

...and workers can be seen today removing trunks. Photo Diane Richmond for D&M well as in the bushes. Photo Diane Richmond for D&M

Let' move to Fantasyland where the situation is less dramatic even if some topiaries obviously didn't liked the 250 Km/h winds... Photo by Hong Kong Main Street Gazette.

Fantasy Gardens was a vulnerable area in Fantasyland and did resist quite well, though some trees in the background lost their leaves during the typhoon... Photo by Magic Post.

Let's end the tour with a look at the areas around Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Hollywood Hotel, and the Explorers Lodge Hotel as there too the trees have suffered of the passage of Mangkhut. Photo by Hong Kong Main Street Gazette.

HKDL team will take care of these fallen trees anytime soon but of course they started by the park to make sure that guests - and especially hotels guests - could enjoy the park as soon as possible. Again, congrats to all HKDL team for their efforts to have the park open as soon as possible and the magic back at HKDL!

All my thanks to Diane Richmond, Hong Kong Main Street Gazette and Magic Post for their pictures!