Sunday, August 17, 2008

How David Cpperfield did the amazing laser magic act

Last year, in the "magic acts video section" of Disney and more, i've posted this amazing David Copperfield magic act where a laser cut him in half. Many of you asked me how David did it. Well, today, here is the answer with a video that will show you the trick, more easy than we can think, but you better have a limber body!

Watch first, the David Copperfield video.

And now, the video that will show you the trick. Note that this video will show you first other David's tricks, and in the second part how he did the laser magic act.

Youtube David Copperfield video: copyright David Copperfield Inc

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Jason Rasmussen said...

Thanks for this post! Because of this I found one of my new favorite shows, The Trickbusters!