Friday, August 22, 2008

Rare pictures of the Zorro show at Disneyland Paris

In 1992-1993 Disneyland Paris guests could enjoy with pleasure a "Zorro" show on the rooftop of Frontierland buildings, more specifically on the roof of the Fuente del Oro restaurant.

This little sword fighting show only last a few minutes each time, but the Zorro character is highly popular in France, so it was a real good idea, and, like it happen sometimes with good ideas, the Zorro show ended shortly after this series of photos were shoot - in August 1993. It's very difficult to find photos of this show, so i am happy to show you today these rare documents.

As you can see, Zorro was fighting against soldiers - probably soldiers of the evil Monastorio commandante!

Of course, Zorro was victorious...

And before he left, he salute one last time the audience!

The good question is: Why DLP don't put back this show again, even only in summer...Only three persons were involved in the show, so it's not very expensive to produce. Hopefully, one of my reader may pass on to them the message!

I want to add for any Zorro fans that season 2 of the TV series was released in France in dvd one month ago. Language is in english for those of you eventually interested and who don't speak french.

Photos: copyright Daniel Rous


Anonymous said...

I'm completly agree with you Alain ! Why a little show like this don't back in Frontierland... All guests knows Zorro ! It will be great to see him again...
But i think that a little show like this will stuck lot of guest in front of....the BTM entrance !
The last time (last WE) i saw an indian with eagle just in front of the Lucky Nugget Saloon... Lot of people do the line for a picture... I was happily surprised to see some character like that :)

Anonymous said...

Just a few days ago I was talking about this to my sister. She didn't remember it at all (she was only 3 at the time, mind ^^)
I loved the show xD
Good thing we still saw it, the first time we visited DLP was in August 1993 ...