Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Meet Dug the Dog , UP! hilarious character

Some news about Pixar's UP! today, and more specifically about Dug the dog, a hilarious character. The first video below shows the first encounter between Dug and th two main characters. And the next one is a featurette with Pixar animators explaining how they've create this very funny character. Enjoy both of them!

Picture and Youtube Videos: copyright Disney


Justin said...

This movie looks AWESOME!!! Dug is hilarious!


Adam said...

Dug was a very, very funny character in 'Up'. He talks exactly like a dog really would! Great video.

Read my full review of the amazing film 'Up' and the slightly disappointing short film 'Partly Cloudy', with more synopsis on Dug and every other character in Up, right here (Although, I must say that the short, Partly Cloudy, was very disappointing. There wasn't any story to it! Pixar has done it again with 'Up', but the short preceding it was not up to the Pixar standards we all know and love.)!