Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shanghaî Disneyland : Shanghaî mayor announced that a press conference will be held this week

Last news about the SDL project: Amid rumors of progress on Shanghaî Disneyland, Shanghaî mayor said Sunday that a press conference on the subject will be held soon. "There's a lot to be said on the subject," Shanghaî Mayor Han Zheng told a press conference Sunday following an annual meeting with foreign executives. Mr. Han said the government will hold a press conference on the subject in the coming week. A Disney spokeswoman couldn't immediately be reached on Sunday for comment.

Shanghai newspapers have highlighted speculation in the local property and stock markets that an announcement on plans for a theme park could be made around the time U.S. President Barack Obama makes an overnight visit the city on Nov. 15, a brief stopover ahead of a state visit in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

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