Sunday, November 1, 2009

Disneyland Paris 2009 Halloween Decor

Disneyland Paris Halloween season ended last night and we will have a last look to it before the arrival of the Christmas season. The weather last saturday was cloudy in the afternoon, however if we don't pay attention to the white sky i have some nice pictures for you. As always, click on each to see them in big size.

Not a lot of new decor this year, the pumpkin men are always desperately trying to paint Main Street and Frontierland in orange colour and i hope like most of DLP fans that next year the park will spend some money to create new decors for this always popular Halloween season.

Instead we had a kind of "musical chairs" with decors previously located in Frontierland that were placed this year in other location like this giant skull head above which was this year on Town Square. Nothing really new on Main Street, except may be this pumpkin men standing in front of the little house in front of Storybook Store.

We move now to Frontierland which is always transformed in "Halloweenland" during this season and where guests can find most of the Halloween decor, including a meet and greet with Jack Skellington, the Halloween stage, and many more.

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures, we'll have very soon a new DLP update!

Also, if you've not read it yet, don't miss the DLP's Halloween Party special report below!

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Anonymous said...

Alain, Great photos of the Pumpkin Patch People invading Thunder Mesa. Very Special to PDL. Glad those Moose horns are still hanging over the fort's front gate that Michael Jackson gave his approval on during one of his visits with the kids during ACP.

Anonymous said...

The Halloween Pumpkin characters remind me of Frank Baum and some of his Oz characters which Disney holds the rights to. Is PDL the only park to have them?

Anonymous said...

Hi Alain
Love the site... just a thought, though: would you mind spreading the various updates on several pages instead of having (almost) everything on the homepage? I'm asking because my browser drastically slows down each time I load onto your website and it's a shame because it's my favorite disney site. or my favorite site period.

Kristin said...

It's neat seeing how different the decor there is from WDW. :)

HildeKitten said...

I love the Halloween season in Disneyland Paris, I went twice for a day this year (in the first week and then again on Halloween itself) and took loads of pictures as well :D

It was the 5th year in a row I've visited DLP during their Halloween season and it never grows old or boring :D